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My name is Sean, I have been on gaia since 2009, and am 18 now. I have created several cosplay characters on here, starting with Majora's Mask Link, to Sho Minamimoto, to Ganondorf, and Edward Elric. My past accounts, and usernames include: firedoombells, firelightbells, Blaze of Light, Linkmm, Runner in the Shade, Silent Harry Mason, So Zetta SIow, Vash the Typhoon Stampede, I Never Cry Dante, TRSHE Harry Mason, TRSHE Red Pyramid Thing (1), and onwards but enough about that. Moving on, I find fun in drawing, playing games, watching movies, but those are the lesser bits that you hear from most people. I'm currently in the process of making three or more graphic novels, and enjoy working on them.

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Who is Yu Narukami?

Yu is the main protagonist of Persona 4, following the style of its predecessors, the main character is a silent protagonist who's personality is decided by the way that the player reacts to the other characters in the game. This game following many of the Shin Megami Tensei formula gives you the ability to summon, and fuse many monsters together.

What holds your Persona together is developing your social links with your friends. So if you decide to break your friendship with a friend, you can no longer fuse a Persona of their type, but you can fix this, it's fairly easy not to do this if you use common sense when talking to the characters, basically as if they were people. That means being kind, the more you develop your social links with your friends, the stronger your persona abilities become.

The main point of the game is that the player's parents are overseas, and that you are left with your Uncle, Ryotaru Dojima, and his daughter Nanako. It starts out as a mutual train ride into the urban area of Inaba, but Yu has a strange dream about a man with a long nose named Igor. Igor warns him that a great mystery will be imposed upon him at his arrival, and that if it goes unsolved that his destiny may be lost forever.

This mystery as it unfolds takes you through a series of dungeons, saving many of the allies, and even a few suspected individuals along the way. You have one year, you're leaving in spring, and you have to catch the killer throwing people into the TV world.

More about me, okay, so I believe in Jesus, he's God, it's official, and I can explain why I know this.

When I was younger, I have grown up in a Catholic Church, but that didn't get me anywhere in life, it gave me thoughts to consider, but never gave me a relationship of any kind that was overly healthy. My at home life was a mess, not getting to see my Dad, and my Mom worked so much, so it left me feeling lonely, even with my grandpa being around sometimes.
As many of you, my teenage years were nothing short than hell, as soon as I hit Middle School, I met some of the nastiest people that I could meet in my life.

They tormented me at school for a while, but at home, under the cover of laughter, and a decent happy smile, it wasn't enough for me. Mom worked so much, and I was constantly home alone, nobody around, only a German Shepherd, and a knife next to me. Being the chaotic and bizarre course that the world has been following, I would constantly ponder many thoughts, what if somebody breaks to hurt me, what if we get robbed, I used to think of the more unnatural things too, to this day I know there was something evil in that house.

I saw shadows, no not Persona shadows, I mean silhouettes, dark figures, I imagined some of it maybe, but what was actually there constantly tried to fill my mind with terror. I had many horrible nightmares, including the creature lunging at me from the ceiling. So you say you don't believe in demons? Well guess what, that makes it easier for them, because what you don't know won't hurt you right?

WRONG! Only through God himself can we be protected. Have you ever had a friend snap at you horribly, and for no natural reason, or have you ever woke up with several scratches, ever see anything odd like a ghost? I can tell you right now, that they are not human beings that are deceased, they are demons that pose as such to deceive naive people.

I used to be deep into lust, so deeply that I would do horrible things during those teenage years that I wish I could take back. I'm sure many people wish they could take some things back that they said or did. One night, I will never forget, it was Halloween for starters, got tons of candy, and a little book too, it was a Christian note, it talked about Adam and Eve, about Heaven, and Hell, and what-not, but lets pause that thought for a second and look at what I was thinking, growing up in a religious home, I thought, "Cool, maybe I can read a story or two to my cousin."

As the night went on, I began to ponder the truth of life. Is there a God? And if so, who? Was it Mohammad? Jesus? Neither, just God? No God, just existence? Some ascension into a higher plane, like evolution? Because you see, when you closely examine all of these philosophies, you can tell that not all of them can be correct.

They all contradict the other, and don't agree at all. So either we are just an accident created by an explosion, living beings here that are reincarnated, spirits that are going to leave our body and dwell on the earth for eternity until we can pass on, or beings that are going to Heaven or to Hell once we die. First, I would like to say that we all feel condemned sometimes, we have this feeling that we shouldn't have done this, or done that, we all feel that we are outcasts at some point, deep down when no friend is around to help us. We feel that fog arising around our minds that clouds our judgement, then we got to make a choice.

For me, I felt so much peace, and joy that I can't explain when I accepted Jesus into my heart. It's not like some religious experience followed by a bunch of rules. I just came to the end of myself that night, I had been deeply depressed for a while, and didn't want to go on with anything but the truth, I saw this warped demon in my head for a minute, telling me that I could never change, it tried to terrify me.

I prayed to God that I would never see that thing again, I asked him to show me the truth if he is real, I felt something or perhaps a voice telling me to look at the little book that I got that night. In it explained why we are the way we are, Adam and Eve sinned, they tried to cover for themselves, breaking the important law that God had established, don't eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, it led to death, and decay within our world system as we know it today that gets increasingly more rotten and perverse.

If you aren't sure, just ask for him to show you the way, and he will. I guarantee that anyone who asks God for help and means it, for the truth, that they will get it. In my case, it only took a matter of seconds, when I was done praying, all the stress, confusion, and other things were wiped out of my life, and all I could feel was God's love and forgiveness.

Is my life perfect? No, in fact, in the natural perspective, things don't always get better, sometimes they get even harder. But let me tell you one more thing, even when it gets harder, and everyone else has abandoned me, I feel that presence of God comforting me, and encouraging me on.