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EXlLED Report | 08/21/2016 7:18 am
Call em up and tell them you have the ransom money.
Tell them to meet you at the park with the computer so you can make the exchange, but make sure you have the police set up with snipers in case they try any funny business.

All that in two days you say burning_eyes
How much free time do you have?
It's ok about being lazy on Gaia, I'm kinda in that slump as well right now and just log on to keep my streak alive.

I know there's a drama starring IU atm but I'm also too lazy to go watch it.
A lot of good music has been out recently, like BlackPink's debut, BTS' new album, Frank Ocean's new album (finally), and Crystal Castles sample tracks before their soon-to-be-released album, so I have been so occupied with listening to that and doing uni assessments, since my course has resumed again.
I live and die by the vidya honestly, so many good games coming out this year, like FFXV (seriously though look at this, it's like kpop boyband goes on a road trip), and Pokemon Sun.
Can't wait to get my mitts on those bad boys emotion_dowant
Hime-Jenisan Report | 08/17/2016 6:02 pm
EXlLED Report | 08/12/2016 7:54 pm
Tch, so that's what you meant...
I thought it was something serious like a RAM bypass surgery or screen cancer.

That's what you've been doing this whole time?
You know you can read mangoes and be on Gaia through your phone, right idea
If your phone uses apps, check to see if you can download mango rock, it even notifies you of any updates to your faves, similar to the webtoon app.
Tbh I'm not gonna watch any kdramas at all unless it's highly recommended or if it has IU in it.
Oh IU... User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Tekken is actually a videogame lol, you can see Lili in action via YouTube if you really wanted to
Hime-Jenisan Report | 08/12/2016 3:05 pm
EXlLED Report | 08/05/2016 7:24 pm
Wait are u 4 srs or just pulling my leg User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Why would your pc be in a hospital?
My money's on Mr. Blue Eyebrows man, seriously those things can be used as weapons if all else fails.

Y7 atm is going through a flashback/timetravel arc, because not only the gang but everyone at school can't remember the later half of their first year, so they're trying to figure out how to get those memories back and why it was taken in the first place.
So far there's a lot of revelations that unfold and idk it's really cool!
I like Queen, she reminds me of Lili from Tekken.

[Pouts in corner] Why can't people be more understanding User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
EXlLED Report | 08/03/2016 11:40 pm
Oh damn, is your computer sick?
Usually I trade in my computers for a new one since I'm not a hardcore PC user, more of a console peasant like Morel.
Lmao, you judge a person's strength by their appearances?
Tell me who's gonna win between Jurakis & Frankenstein then :^)

That's true, I'm not big on fillers either, which is why I stick to the mangoes.
With Y7 though it's hard to tell what's filler and what's not, some of the chapters are more for character building than story progression.
Well I'm finally up to date with Wilds (seriously craving next update now, you've ruined me) and that kidnap arc was pretty sad, but made so much sense to have in there.
People were complaining in the comments that there weren't any fights from vacation arc until the part where Jaegu meets the kidnappers, but the artist needed to resolve the love triangle conflict and conclude it so that they can focus on the fights.
I still get pretty sad at some scenes where his actions make DalDal's heart break, and that part when he focused so hard on getting the keys to the warehouse back then realised it was all for nothing, and leaves without checking up on her.
OH AND THAT PART WHERE HE ALSO TURNS DOWN QUEEN LIKE AAAAHHHHH, everyone wanted that ship to sail so bad!
From his viewpoint it makes sense that he can't be committed to a relationship since he has his siblings' future to worry about, which is why I get annoyed at some of the comments about him being an idiot User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
EXlLED Report | 08/02/2016 10:47 pm
Oh god I realised I haven't replied back I'm so sorry ;__;
I'm a bit sick atm so my actions have been pretty slow lately.
Truth be told I actually want Crombel to have werewolf/noble souls infused to his copy of the dark power, it makes for a better fight seeing as most of the time it's pretty one-sided in favour of Frankie.
But nothing beats the original, and on top of that Frankie invented the technique himself, there's no way you can top that.

If you're not that big on the mango you can try the anime, I really like the op vid :gul:
Has just the right blend of male and female characters, and their personalities make it fun to read/watch.
On that note I've also been binge-reading GotW.
You were right about this having a typical harem setting but these girls aren't bimbos and actually know how to take care of themselves instead of having to rely on a guy for everything.
Has a good blend of comedy which I don't get to see in either ToG or Noblesse, and on top of that the comments keep killing me if not for the romance/drama

Thanks for recommending it sweatdrop
EXlLED Report | 07/31/2016 8:15 pm
SSSSSSSSAME, like maybe the 1st elder or even the 13th have bloodstones + noble/werewolf gene enhancements so that they're end-game bosses.
Or maybe 13th elder will also have Frankie's power when they finally confront eachother, except his might be more powerful cause it has the souls of all the nobles/werewolves he experimented on surprised

It's a catchy habit though haha, sometimes I refer to sites as "mangostream" or "mangopando"
You should definitely get back into y7, reminds me of the silly non-shonen shenanigans from Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

Ok I read another chapter where he bumps into some old classmates from his previous school and the top comment for the chapter said something like "damn, Jaesung can't cook sausages for his little brother without getting into trouble"
EXlLED Report | 07/31/2016 6:19 pm
Seira x Shinwoo is my otp.
I considered Rai's brother, but the guy who had the stone didn't mistake him for his brother since they both look alike.
Yeah I always replace the word manga with mango so often to the point that I just say that instead and it confuses people sweatdrop
I'm guessing you like shonen manga as well?
I read a lot of those, lets see here, One Piece, Bleach, Toriko, Shokugeki, World Trigger, Black Clover, Yamada and the 7 Witches, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul plus some seinen ones as well, like Ubel Blatt, Vagabond & Berserk.
The ones I read whenever they're updated are Magi, Sinbad, Hell's Kitchen, Gangstar, Bungou Stray Dogs, OnePunch (both the s**t quality and crazy good versions), Re:Monster, Tate no Yuusha and The New Gate.

Been reading Wilds and so far I can see why it's passable for a harem type of webtoon.
Dude's not a prev or anything, he's just trying to get by and provide for his siblings :c
But yo the comments that people leave at the end of the chapters kill me, like when 3 of his classmates follow him home and they all get scared of a roach, top comment said "We all believe to be brave, until the cockroach flies"
EXlLED Report | 07/31/2016 4:01 pm
Bit unfair for me you know, I only get to fawn over Seira and even then I ship her with Shinwoo.
(Lmao the wiki description for him says that "He is fit and commendably attractive." I swear you must have written that entry)
I think it might be cleared up in the main series as to who the supposed 'God' was, wouldn't be surprised if it was that old noble dude.
Yeah the girls in Freezing are still supposed to be high schoolers yet they got balloons on them it's just not right.

I'll be honest, haven't read Black Haze or even heard of it until you asked me that question on it.
I can read up and find out what I know later.
What mangoes you reading atm?
I've got quite a list of ongoing ones as well as some that are already finished but I reread from time to time.
I'll give GotW a go, and if I like it I might have to bring my tablet to work so I can read more of it lol.
I read this one-shot and found it interesting, you might like it too