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Lillie: "a sophomore who is very sweet to those she likes, but is mostly seen by herself reading. She is very bad at talking to others. Only becomes angry when taken for granted."


My first character I roleplay is named Craig. He is a junior detective who always tries to follow the rules and look for the best of clues. He is not swayed or distracted by beauty or lust. He gets annoyed if someone else is on the same case, or if he isn't getting anywhere in solving it.
Suetake, Holt's younger brother. He is 13 years old and dislikes being called cute. He is very good at card games, and is frightening good at poker games. His innocence is questionable...
Holt, a freshman who wants to be a host. He doesn't believe he's beautiful and has tendencies to be fanboying around, so he scares a lot of ladies(and men). He cleans up nicely, though. He gets easily embarrassed.

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There's more about me than meets the eye hoohoo! :B
Hello, there! I have many fandoms that I'm a part of. I need more friends, I must converse with my friends! Honestly, do not be afraid to talk to me! Actually, I'm the one who's afraid to talk to you! I'm in Rally, towns, or towns 2 often, yet I just stand (or sit) there becuase I'm too shy to confront someone. I'm friendly, really! Also, please refer to me as Craig~! Don't ask why, just do it!

These guys who are awesome but I don't talk to often enough <3

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