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What you want to know about me...:
~I'm 18.
~I'm Chamorro. Look it up.
~I'm dating the greatest girl on the planet, and have been since August 22, 2013.
~ I have depression.
~I dabble in poetry.

Every time we talk, I don't know what to say.
Every time you smile, it brightens up my day.
When I'm around you, I get nervous and shy....
I can hardly speak, because you have me tongue-tied.
Your beautiful eyes pierce the shadow called my soul.
Two is better than one, and you're the one that makes me whole.
You are not just another "hot bod",
You are truly my Angel, My beautiful gift from God
My day starts and ends with you, I'm telling you my dear.
My feelings for you are true, you should know they are sincere.
You broke right through the barrier, the wall that I had made.
So now, we shall see, if it is my heart that is played.
I'd surely tell a lie for you, and you should know I'd live and die for you.
And that is why, out of my day I took this time.
To think, devise, and write this rhyme.
Yet tomorrow brings another day,
and I only have time left to say....
I've told you in this poem all that I can tell.
And now I'll say goodbye to you, more like a quick farewell.

Yesterday brought nothing but pain,
Today I almost went insane,
What's going to happen Tomorrow?
Anger? Agony? Sorrow?
I feel I have no self worth,
Why was I put on this Earth?
I feel in the air, so much tension,
Some people stare at me like I'm from another dimension,
They don't know me, they don't know my past,
I just want the day to go by fast,
I turn up my music, to alleviate my pain
I just want to relax, to clear out all thoughts in my brain,
Oh, but what do I see on the horizon?
A girl that every guy clearly has their eyes on.
She's walking to me, and me alone,
she has a smile that makes me feel at home,
Is this the girl, could it be?
The epitome of my destiny?
With this girl, I think, just a tad,
That maybe Tomorrow.....won't be so bad...

Sippin on gin, pass some to a "bro"
2 bottles done, 4 more to go
You put the bottle down, what are you doing here?
They want more alcohol, they're right in your ear
You say no, you shouldn't be here
They say, calm down, have another beer
You push it away and pull out your key
You're going to something stupid, like drive drunk and leave
You had what you needed, why did you drink?
Because now you're throwing up in a bathroom sink
You remember now, why you were drinking
You were shot down by a girl, sadness and anger blinded your thinking
She was at the party, you pulled out your gun,
They all saw it and scattered, they were all screaming Run!
You grabbed her by the arm, you put the deagle to her chest
You slurred "you broke my heart, you made me a mess!"
She screamed at the top of her lungs and you snapped out of your stupor
You put down the gun, and your grip became looser
What have you become, what's wrong with you?
How can you be saved, what can you do?
You picked up the gun, one last time
And with a click-click-boom, you said a quickened goodbye.

Oh my, what's that I hear?
Are those ghostly whispers in my ear?
Those ARE ghostly whispers I hear.
To these whispers I show no fear.
Ghostly whispers, late at night,
Ghostly whispers, what a delight,
Ghostly whispers, isn't it neat?
Ghostly whispers, quite the treat.
And so I ask back to the whispers words
Am I alone or am I yours?
Am I crazy or am I sane?
If you didn't talk to me, would I be the same?
These words answer the ghostly call,
Yet they all just echo down the hall.
Ghostly whispers, late at night.
Ghostly whispers, what a delight...

That's all I feel like divulging unto you. Wanna learn more, then hit me up.

Long live the King~