About hxvrtlxss

Well hey, I'm hxvrtlxss. Formerly Ardent Mercy, Radiant Mercy, etc. (It's a long list). I would put my rl name, but it barely describes me—it's stupid and I hate it. So we'll all just call me Usio, k? c: People "say" that I am quiet, clever, sentimental, and creepy ... xD. This is all very true. But really, my personality depends on who you are. I say "so yeah" and "like yeah" a lot. I'm your average misfit who loves to roleplay and watch anime. I can play the piano, steel pan, and tenor saxophone. I love any means of self expression. I believe that love, kindness, and forgiveness are the three most powerful things in the world. I hate being ignored, or feeling inferior to another. I think "whatever" is the rudest thing to ever tell a person. I don't really read manga, but I live, sleep, and breathe anime. Please, don't hesitate to suggest me anything! My current favorite anime are Kill la Kill, Mirai Nikki, and Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. Homura and Madoka forever. c: I'm currently watching Fairytail Series 2 and RWBY Season 2. My favorite books are The Harry Potter series, the Fault in our Stars, and the Diary of Anne Frank. There. Have a nice day. ♥

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