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~ Honey ~

School: Ouran Academy
Birthday: February 29th
Star sign: Pisces
Blood type: AB

Hello~! -Smiles cutely- I see you're here for a visit huh? Well, welcome! -cutely drags you by the sleeve and innocently but forcefully sits you down- Im Mitsukuni Haninozuka. Third year student at ouran academy! Everyone Just calls me Honey though... (hani, hunny,honey) -smiles warmly- -stares at stuffed bunny- Oh! -giggles- I almost forgot, this is my Usa-chan! Wanna hold him while i tell you more about myself? -smiles-
-Holds up bunny-
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The Haninozuka family have exelled in martial arts for generations,
so everyone in my family is considered martial arts champions! Infact, we all greet eachother with fights as a lesson to always keep our guards up! There are strange rumors about me here in Japan, -sweatdrops- pay no attention to what people say though. I only fight if it's absolutely necessary, or if my friends are in danger! I don't like mean people atall! So don't be a meanie ok? Oh yeah -smiles- I almost forgot my best friend Takashi! Actually we're more like cousins! The Morinozuka family, served the Haninozuka family for generations aswell, that is until the two lines were joined by marriage in the family. So now the Haninozuka and Morinozuka families are tied together! You can almost always find me on Takashi's shoulders! -laughs- He's my best friend :3
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Aswell as being in the martial arts club and a student at Ouran Academy, i am also part of a club, the Ouran Host Club! -Thinks- Now...how would Tama-chan put this? Oh..yeah -clears throat- "It's a club, where handsome gentlemen with too much time on their hands, entertain young ladies who also have too much time on their hands..." I think i about covered it! -tilts head cutely and smiles- Its full of amazing people whom i've become verrry close friends with! I am so lucky to have met Tama-chan, Kyo-chan, Haru-chan, Hika-chan and Kao-chan! We all have our own roles in this club, and we hope you come visit us one day!

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Oh oh oh, did i tell you how much of a sweet tooth i have? -smiles brightly- and i love cute things! Thats why i joined the host club, Tama-chan accepted me for who i really am, and i am forever grateful too him for that! -puts finger to chin and cutely thinks- Now lets see....I love bunny's and sweets and icecream, and cake....OH AND STRAWBERRIES! =w= -goes in a trance and daydreams about cake- -drools- -eyes flick open- O..Oh...Gomenasai...i was thinking about cake! -blushes cutely- U..Um..well okay, i think i covered about everything..-stomach grumbles- ...-blushes again- I think i'll umm...go have cake now! Feel free to drop me a comment! If i don't reply quickly Im in the club room doing host activitities, or im taking a nap with usa-chan, or i have dojo practice! But i promise to comment back and invite you to have cake with me, so don't be shy ok? ^_^

Well then bye! -waves- it has been nice meeting you!-bows- ^-^
-runs in pursue of his beloved cake-

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