"In a world that we know, which we don't know."~

Name: *** but you can call me Lynx
Gender: Female (Avatar bender o: )
From: Gametes, but then I moved onto the zygote experience and so foward. (':
Age: Ancient~
Kidding I'm at a good
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Best at Rubbish
Semi good at
English & Spanish

Favorite Quote: "There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception." - Aldous Huxley
Favorite Colour: Grey <3 Neither dark or light.
They say I can only choose to be one sided version, yet every scence I've seen has shown me all the contrary.
(Also pink, salmon pink mainly but I don't brag it much except in my bedroom walls. Reminds me of calmness in ze heart.)

Signs and things~
Associated with: The Solar Eclipse It's true what they say about kids born under an eclipse, kidding. emotion_sweatdrop

Sun Sign:

Greek Astrology~
Sun Sign: Taurini ("Huston we have a cusp-er!" Under greek, a leafy world wind. 0° gravitation towards gemini sun sign though, so gemini??? ._.)
Moon: Virgo
Vedic Astrology~
Sun Sign: Taurus
Moon: Leo
Leo ascendant in both vedic and greekie.
East. zodiac: The Sheep/Ram
Element: Metal
Celtic: Seahorse
Mayan: Eagle
Native American: Deer

Weakness: Kryptonite (Kidding)
Taking a looong time doing anything.
I hand out animosity in exchange for a violated tolerance/trust or become a very selfish a.hole. ._.

Best at: Lingering in dreamland?
Silence, unless I'm sleeping or had a bad day.
Reading chapter books. I've never ever have read a chapter book. (Least not at will.)
Certain forceful acceptable ideologies with elaborate speeches. Then again there is also those type of "acceptable" ideologies that are like a small fire in a wood mountain and just wanna throw air in it so it blazes like crazy.
(Ps: Acceptable not Tolerant. # Forceful)
Been rushed in any situation (Except r.l payed jobs/emergency, logic.)
Been constantly asked "Why your not responding to me?" Unless it's been a day, week, months, years and haven't answered that question.
And other crap

Been Eclectic
To sleep like a bear
String Instruments
Music, music & music
Singing (Even if I can't)
Gaming(in apps now, FML. )
Films, varied
And other crap.

(About me extra: I'm an in an out gaian member since 2005, have change usernames plenty of times.
ll B E L ll (L's)
II B E L II (i's) (if I remember correctly)
Lynx Asylum
And now Humanomaly emotion_facepalm
An old companion got me into this site. I'm on and off like a light switch, enjoy the distracting randomness.(My #3 virtual escapism zone.) Currently mostly lingering in the wg'ers forum. R.I.P fishing :'c and yes I tend to repeat words or a whole sentence exactly as it was without notice till I re-read what I'ved written/typed. Sometimes it takes me five times to realize this. D;

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Boo! Something random will be here

Free & Bought Artsies~

-From Vath emotion_bigheart
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User Image

-From Dark Divined heart
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-From Chipper Bipper emotion_bigheart
User Image

-From Purinsesu Natsumi heart
User Image

-From Fantasies Spices emotion_bigheart
User Image

-Bought From (Can't remembawr)
User Image

-Bought From (Can't Remembawr)
User Image

-Bought From AkigoRawRR
User Image

And there are moments in life when my fingers like to barf free crrraa*-ART. Here's some Crrraa***-ART done by me. Some avi art and some brain felt moments. (I no longer have paint tool sai or a pc/pad for digital art but if you like traditional art or don't mind more faults on phone app finger art, go ahead and throw your avatar at me. (Style varied I draw how I feel. ._. )

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User Image
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~Bye /Hi you breautiful random soulUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., thank you for reading.~
heart emotion_yatta


Shads Journal

Don't touch it'll burn your eyes out.

boring stuff O___O



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how ya been wigg

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you alive :O :O

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wheres u sad

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still think ya should make a new fb

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she no shower either :/

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no, hes gross
lool will do :p
hows you wig

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loool he has a gf now
i made new dating profile maybe meet some new ppl

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too hard :/

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but since i got a taste i want it even more now, hugs, kisses, sex, love sad but real love. who knows if real love even exists


[imgright:02242e23ac]http://orig09.deviantart.net/1119/f/2013/262/0/5/izaya_gif__2_by_miharu_nii-d6myniv.gif[/imgright:02242e23ac][i:02242e23ac]"The grace I've fallen from the only truth I've ever known."~[/i:02242e23ac][/size:02242e23ac]


[i:02242e23ac] I Don't Car-e[/i:02242e23ac][/color:02242e23ac]
Word games, gotta read them at times. Hah . (↷o∆o)↷