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Gender: Female

Location: Underland~

Birthday: 06/30/1992

Occupation: Bum


The most important thing you have to know about me is that I adore superheros in the geekiest of ways. I also have a great number of favorite not always superhero related things, here are a few:

Kick-a** ✖ Fright Night(2011) ✖ Avengers ✖ Ten Inch Hero ✖ Moulin Rouge ✖ Cabin in the Woods ✖ Lawless ✖ Star Trek ✖ Fight Club ✖ Batman ✖ Rise of the Guardians ✖ Jurassic Park ✖ Supernatural ✖ Doctor Who ✖ Merlin ✖ The Walking Dead ✖ Suits ✖ Sherlock ✖ Being Human ✖ Misfits ✖ Criminal Minds ✖ Teen Wolf ✖ BioShock ✖ Devil May Cry ✖ The Fault in Our Stars ✖ Good Omens ✖ Lord Loss ✖ The Looking Glass Wars ✖ Jack the Ripper ✖ Scarecrow - Johnathan Crane

Name: Haley
Age: 20
Birthday: June 30th
Occupation: Bum (college student)
Titles: Nork; Nerdfighter

I'm a Slytherin according to Pottermore but shhhh, don't tell~
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I've gone to over 100 movies in theaters over the last 2 years. I really love movies okay?
See all those guys at the side there? The mosaic of 36 dude faces? Those are pictures of actors-not actor people I love in no particular order. They are there because I love 'em all and seeing their faces make me smile and occasionally giggle.
I'm weird and lazy but at least I own it~
I think I'm pretty nice and I love meeting new people but I'm kind of lame about it in a way where I'll hardly ever make the first move to say hello because I don't want to bug anyone.
I love talking to people and I've yet to feel bother if someone tries to talk to me. So if you want to go for it!! I'm nice, I promise!

One last note: I call people things like hun, darling, and dear. If you don't like it just let me know.
Any questions? Feel free to ask!
Ta-ta my beauties~
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Oh also! Here's the link for the original art for my background!

~Have Love, Will Travel~

~Art From Others~


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'I have eyes and I don't know where to put them!' -John Green
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Plz_Delete_My_Account Report | 03/09/2014 12:40 pm
Nice avi
iNamikaze Minato Report | 08/30/2013 2:59 pm
iNamikaze Minato
Hey there old friend, I wanna inform ya that my new main is Tail Star so by the time ya read this, add me there and let's talk for all time's sake? ; u ;
Plz_Delete_My_Account Report | 03/27/2013 7:16 pm
I'm doin great (sorry for not commenting back earlier. I did not see the alert that tells you a posted comment razz )
Plz_Delete_My_Account Report | 03/27/2013 7:12 pm
Hello :3
Jurassic Acid Report | 03/05/2013 1:59 pm
Jurassic Acid
cool avi
Jurassic Acid Report | 03/05/2013 1:59 pm
Jurassic Acid
nice avi
kikyo0622 Report | 03/05/2013 7:43 am
So Kerli's EP is now up for pre-order on itunes.....
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It's a GRAND TOTAL OF 7 songs but don't lose yourself yet! ONE OF THEM IS A REMIX OF THE LUCKY ONES!
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I don't want a ******** REMIX!!!! I WANT THE SONG SUPERGIRL!!!!!! (BTW NOT A SONG ON THERE)

The EP is $5.99 to pre-order it! I'm just kinda like
User Image

HOWEVER, you do get to download one of the songs "Love me of Leave me" which I will give Kerli it's a pretty song!!!!! I feel like this is Kerli and I
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kikyo0622 Report | 03/04/2013 1:18 pm
SO that math test I am pretty sure I failed that!!! Just I saw it again and just on the inside was like:
User Image
Because I couldn't figure out somethings that I even looked up!! And other things that I looked up last week were not in my brain!! Just this was me:
User Image
I was DOOOOOONE!!!!!

And then you have this DAMN music essay! That we should have done weeks ago!! HELL the weekend that we went to the concert!!! JUST UGH!
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It's going to be one of those turn in essays and NEVER EVER LOOK BACK!!!! Just don't ever look at it again!

I hope she enjoys this essay because it's one of the worst essays that I have ever written in my LIFE!!!! Just she will get it and be like:
User Image
and I will be like:
User Image

Sooooo I won 4ht place last night in the tournament!!!
User Image
When he called my name I was like:
User Image
Then it turned into:
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Odd Cinderella Report | 02/27/2013 9:39 pm
Odd Cinderella
it will. 3nodding
Odd Cinderella Report | 02/27/2013 9:36 pm
Odd Cinderella

B e s t

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