Hello and Welcome! c:

My name is Bailey but you can can me Huggable or Hugs or My Great and Wise Overlord. Whatever suits your fancy.

I've been on gaia for about 7 years and as most people do after aging, I cringe at things previous me said and did. Though my best decision on gaia was taking up roleplaying, I began in guilds, but have since moved into forums. If you're ever interested in any I'm in or wish to invite me to join one or whatever it is just shoot a message my way, I don't bite.

Other than that I'm at the time of editing this a 20 year old college student. I'm going to art school and intending on majoring in either character design or illustration. So I can be pretty busy but I usually check gaia anyways because procrastination and stress relief.

My other interests are pretty standard, in a way I'm a little bit of a jack of all trades, I dabble in many a thing. Books, movies, video games, music, all things I hold interest in and don't mind discussing. I basically adore most things animated, probably too much. I'm all about broadway musicals and travel too, both things I've been fortunate enough to have oppurtunities to experience.

If you want to chat, again send me a message I think I'm friendly enough.
Other than that just have a great day c:

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c('')('') This is Kevin, my guard bunny.
He's always been on my profile so I didn't have the heart to "fire" him.