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Call me Jae.

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22 yrs | 7th August, 1992
I'm an a** bender.

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I'm an artist. In the purest sense of the word. And it's not even for my own sake.

I'm not the best person in the world, nor am I striving to even be a good person. No, that would be too many people to please. I guess the one thing I strive for, is to be the best person for the one I love, while still adhering to what I'm comfortable with and what makes me, me.

Samantha is my gorgeous wife.


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This is Jae's *ahem* girlfriend invading his personal space to inform all of you creeps of Jae's awesomeness.

I'm a bit nervous to write this as his official girlfriend because now he will endlessly hound me for any gramatical or spelling errors that I may make. He will probably be analyzing what I write the entire time that he is reading this so that he can pick out errors and make fun of me. I have come to find that picking on me is one of his newly acquired hobbies.

Throughout the short time I have known Jae, I have also come to find that his favorite hobby of all is probably making me wait. In our minds we've been dating for a while now, but he only just recently decided he would officially ask me using a jar of milk and a pill capsule (which I will not elaborate on, so let your mind make up the image). He spends hours working hard on setting up mazes for me to solve in the span of months. He knows that my impatience slowly deteriorates my sanity and that only makes him cockier. *sigh*

Aside from his annoying kinks he is me in four years. That is right; in four years I will become a man and my voice is going to drop a dozen octave (Logical-Inner-thought: Sam you're exaggerating. /// Common-senseless-inner-thought: Shut down.) He shares my entire thought process and more. I have probably told this to a hundred people because it never gets old or boring to me to boast about how I found another me in male form.

This kid (he is probably irritated that I just called him that) has the same taste in music, major, and style. When I say same taste in music, I mean we could swap music libraries and find maybe 2-3 songs missing (I may or may not be exaggerating again). He has the same personality, thoughts, and dashing good-looks as me (I kid, because I lack his handsomeness even if he doesn't agree). He fills in the gaps of many things I lack like; the ability to dance, common sense, looks, adorableness, etc.

I've never been this crazy for anyone which means that no other man or woman ever crosses my mind except for him. This means that I am not "single and ready to mingle" and neither is he, so please respect our bubble of mutual liking (GOFFFF!).

Thanks to Jae my patience is wearing thin as I try to learn more and more about him. I feel like he knows everything there is to know about me because he can read my mind from the way I type to my expressions so in the meantime I am finding ways to keep him entertained (for example, my awesome dance skills).

I could continue talking about Jae on and on, but this cat sweater is making me sleepy and this page needs to end at some point so I will leave with an introduction to myself.

Je m'appelle Samantha. Meow. (LOL)

Huggable Sammy
Huggable Jae