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I'm not the best person in the world, nor am I striving to even be a good person. No, that would be too many people to please. I guess the one thing I strive for, is to be the best person for the one I love, while still adhering to what I'm comfortable with and what makes me, me.

My lovely girlfriend, Samantha
Est. 9/3/14 and forever to go, Love.


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This is Jae's girlfriend back again to vandalize his profile.

I fell in love with this loser before I even knew what he looked or sounded like. I fell for his dorky personality and the way he'd make me laugh. But soon enough he started to open himself up to me and I fell deeper and deeper in love. I loved his smile, the way he laughed, the stupid noises he'd make, the way he looked at me-- everything about him.

The more I got to know him the more I knew he'd be the one for me. I had already gotten so comfortable with him shortly into meeting him, but I slowly found that I was revealing more and more things about myself that I had never anticipated revealing to anyone. He became my safe haven. We'd exchange details about our lives each night while falling asleep with each other on call. It felt so comfortable speaking with him each night, that I would become anxious on the nights I had to sleep without him.

No matter how down I am, or stressed out, I always feel at ease when I'm with him. I haven't told him this yet, but the moment we saw each other at the airport, or rather, the moment he scared the crap out of me when we first met, was one of the best moments of my life. The heat immediately rushed to my face when I saw him and I had to turn away to avoid eye contact. My heart couldn't handle looking at him because I was even more sure that he was the love of my life. I had never felt so attracted to someone or such a strong need to hold someone as I had the moment I saw him.

Throughout the time he'd spent with me in person, I couldn't stop smiling. I kept giggling and thinking to myself, "I'm so lucky he's mine." I felt myself blush every time we locked eyes and I constantly had to kiss him so that I could claim him in my mind. He made me feel safe in his arms whenever I was scared or upset. He even got to see me cry, which I had never planned on showing him.. He makes me feel vulnerable when he's not around, but twice as strong when he is.

To me, he is absolute perfection. Seeing him only strengthened my original thought-- he will be my future.

I love you so much, Jayden.
Love, your future wife.

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Huggable Sammy
Huggable Jae