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OK so my gaian name is Archangel Amnael
my name Is Jonathan. nothin special.
i have brown hair, black eyes,im really tall,and weigh about 130(i hope it's muscle)
im very open minded and open in what i say(usually gets me in trouble). I can swear i have add...or was it adhd...well whichever it was i can't stay on a single thing for to long. I just can't. I also have a tendency to talk to myself. also you'll notice i tend to tap my foot or shake my leg when i'm staying still. I am not very judge mental. I don't care how a person is or what a person does. It is amazing how many "minority" friends that gets you.
I have few friends cause everybody hates me and feelings mutual. And yes i initially hated you. I have known to many "bad people" and i just can't seem to find enough people to counteract that. To many racists. To many gayists and bi-ists. to many sexists. it pisses me off. were all humans here. were all just as capable. bunch of no good UN-EVOLVED PIECES OF SHI...sorry got carried away.
I have no religion and unless i get hard proof...(and no offence to you people who do believe in a god and aren't any of the above things but alot of it comes from religious people, not all admitingly but alot).
I useually act happy and smile alot but i call that my 'mask' because i really feel alone and sad. but than again isn't everyone...somewhat.
I am a HUGE "LEGEND OF ZELDA" fan. Every game i have taken the time to play i have beat... except for ALTTP and MC witch got stolen along with my gameboy bringing me to a grand total of...9 give or take 1-2.the only game i can think of that's any where close to legend of zelda games in how much i like them is final fantasy and kingdom hearts...other than that i can't think of anything.


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bonier Report | 07/16/2012 6:09 pm
Thanks for buying biggrin Hope you like it.
Sorrows Downcast Report | 07/08/2012 12:02 pm
Sorrows Downcast
I knew that was going to be your answer.
Sorrows Downcast Report | 07/08/2012 10:51 am
Sorrows Downcast
You keep getting closer and closer to ultimate badass, and I keep getting more and more cute. We shall see who wins at getting the ultimate avi, lol. emotion_dealwithit
Puzzled Puppy Report | 05/24/2012 10:17 am
Puzzled Puppy
Lovely avi you got thur. ;D


ttttrrriiiiiiforced on the bed and made sweet love to. way to play, link.


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