You're So Toxic

I'm nobody. Who are you? Are you nobody too?

my name is shelby.
i don't really care what you call me, as long as it's not "Shelly."
i'm 23.
i have no interest in cybering with you.
However, i AM somewhat interested in a legitimate role-playing experience. My character is based around the 4.0 edition of Dungeons and Dragons. She is completely asexual, friends. Lust is not her prerogative.
Her name is Xut. Her alignment is Chaotic Evil, her race is a Changeling, her class is a Psion. She has an identity disorder. As a youngster, she had problems controlling her shifting. This caused her to lack a sense of identity, to search people out and "become" them. She never learned who she was. She only knows herself as her victims.
Xut refuses to be herself. She goes out of her way to be someone else. To be her own self is intollerable. After all, how could someone that doesn't even know herself be comfortable with her true identity? It's much better to not be.
The only escape is what her victims allow her. However, once she chooses on a person to be, that person is no longer allowed to live. They must die, they must be put to rest. They are nothing anymore.
She rarely stays in her own form, as she has never liked or known her own self. She escapes by finding people she likes, and then kill them. She wants to become this person, you see. She must lose herself.

its December Fifth, 2014. i got bored of writing in my profile. More later, maybe.
Xut wants to play.

Stalkers <3