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~proceeds to fix self~

~straightens out clothes~

~adjusts more stuff~

Ehehe. Hey, you guys! House Nite here c: Call me Nite tho. Thanks for visiting my profile! I hope you enjoy your stay. And the music, yes yes?

Well, assuming you guys like reading other people's bios, i'll try to make it interesting.

I joined up in the 2008 under a different user, but then I made this one a year later. I went on a 5 year hiatus then started becoming active again in 2013-14 ish. A lot of good things that happened, such as meeting super amazing people that I still stay in contact with despite the years helped me stay active.

I go to college and i'm broke as heck ayyy
Honestly though, college is helping me a lot with being social and being comfortable around new people, so there's that! In my free time, I play my guitar, play video games (ask me for my PSN and/or Steam biggrin ), shoot pictures with my camera, listen to music, or laze around the house. I also read books in my spare time. Right now, i'm working on finishing the Witcher series, and then moving on to Eragon and A Song of Ice and Fire. As you can see, I love fiction. sweatdrop absolutely love Game of Thrones (I have a 5 foot Stark banner in my room lmao)

I'm a VERY appreciative person. I can't stand not saying thank you or repay you with something if you did something nice for me. I just think that i'm like taking advantage of you or something if I don't return the favor. It took me a while to grow out of my shell, but I've improved a lot since then!

Soo.... Q&A time?

Q: What do you do when you're online?
A: Sell stuff, change the profile music, sit under a tree, you know, the usual stuff.

Q: Where can we find you?
A: zOMG! usually. Feel free to crew up with me biggrin I need to get used to crewing for DMS again when zOMG! returns.

Q: Do you have a favorite song?
A: I can't really say, it changes.

Q: How about your favorite bands?
A: I have a lot. Too many to list sweatdrop

Q: Are you on a sports team or anything related to it?
A: I used to be on my school's tennis team.

Feel free to send me messages anytime! c: (also avi art would be greatly appreciated ;u; )

The penguin is my spirit animal.

"They went looking for the gods and died in lonely places."