About me


~proceeds to fix self~

~straightens out clothes~

~adjusts more stuff~

Ehehe. Hello! I'm House Nite c: Call me Nite tho. Or House. Thank you for visiting my profile! I hope you enjoy your stay. And the music, yes yes?

I joined up in 2009 under a different user, and made this one a few months after. I went on a 5 year hiatus then started becoming active again in 2013-14 ish. A lot of good things that happened, such as meeting super amazing people that I still stay in contact with despite the years (most of the time), helped me stay active.

I go to college and i'm broke as heck ayyy
I'm a Health Science major and i'm studying to be a Physician Assistant in the hopes that I can help people or even help save lives. Although it can be super challenging, college is helping me a lot with being social and being comfortable around new people (I kinda have to anyway), so there's that!

In my free time, I play music on my guitar (and piano!), play video games, shoot pictures with my camera, listen to music, or laze around the house. I also read books in my spare time. Right now, i'm working on finishing the Witcher series, and then moving on to Eragon and A Song of Ice and Fire. As you can see, I love fiction. sweatdrop absolutely love the Game of Thrones series, by the way.

Feel free to send me messages anytime! You can usually find me in zOMG! when i'm on, so feel free to drop by and say hello (i'll be in the most populated server). I'm certainly no expert in DMS (those would be my friends rip me), but feel free to ask for help in any zOMG! related quests/leveling and i'll do my best to help.

The penguin is my spirit animal.

"Save my soul, it wanders every night; through the wind and trees, I guess this is goodbye."