I'm Kate. Latvian.
an aspiring writer that's going to get published mid '17
currently studying in a computer system engineering Master's program
interning as a system analyst
in a committed relationship
I have very much on my plate rn, send help ;o;

I consider myself both an actual and a fake nerd.
My filter's broken, so I sometimes sound mean, but I don't mean it. Ha ha get it? That was some sort of a pun, I think.
Ok, back to 'about me'...
I like reading, writing, rock, indie, MCU, SU, THG (and other abbreviations too!)

You can find me in WG or GCD, or fishing.

The username is more of a representation of my personality than of anything else.

I really like being ghosted, soo DO IT scream

My WG's:
"Post an outfit" game

Johari Window