I'm Kate. Latvian.
An aspiring writer that's currently studying computer system engineering. About to be a published author.
Both an actual and a fake nerd.
I often contradict myself, idk why.
My filter's broken.
Reading, writing, rock, indie, MCU, SU, THG (and other abbreviations too!)

You can find me in WG or GCD, or fishing when it gets fixed.

The username is more of a representation of my personality than of anything else.

I really like being ghosted, soo DO IT smilies/icon_scream.gif
Also, check out my QUEST THREAD, maybe?
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Saffrons_Curse Report | 08/25/2016 7:00 am
Heee~~ thank you very much~ whee heart
Yours is nice too~ such purdy colors. *3*
Thee Magical Yuri Toaster Report | 08/20/2016 1:46 pm
Payo has used these cat ears and tail a lot. :3 You have a good memory.
Johannes Cabal Report | 08/07/2016 12:04 pm
Your minimalist friend, does he have a particular charity he likes? A donation in his name could be appreciated.
Or an Etsy card. Let him find something homemade and natural, cuts out the chain store middleman.
SiIverwing Report | 07/30/2016 2:25 am
Welp, super late reply because yeah, I just went to a conference.

Uh. Short list of things I've done to get banned/warned several times:
- Trolling with emo and cheese_whine emotes
- Abusing people with Phoenix Wright screencaps
- Rickrolling people looking for Easter eggs
- Trolling a moderator with references to bruised bananas and Stephen Lynch's "Gerbil"
- Responding to someone who pissed me off with GIFs of sheep running in circles and text in huge, colored Comic Sans MS because studies showed that it was easier to read for the mentally challenged
- Starting a thread whose first page consisted entirely of the sentence "NO MORE ******** POPUPS" in the Geemoji forum

This one wasn't a disciplinary ban, though. Just a "suspicious activity" ban, which happens if they think someone else is hacking me.

Well, congrats on the degree, and on dating, and going through surgery! Sorry to hear about your mother, though, and best of luck to her. May things go as well as they can.
Wild ride pretty much sums up my recent life too. I've done some tutoring, landed a teaching job, been suffering from an assortment of maladies with my lungs that almost cost me my teaching job and cost me almost all I made from my tutoring, finished defending my thesis, and have presented my work at a conference to boot. Ahehe.
SiIverwing Report | 07/22/2016 2:36 am
Three? Pfft, you underestimate me. Try eight or nine. lol
I swear I'm not doing anything wrong this time around, I'll probably get my account back once they respond to my ticket in, what, six months? xd

Anyway, how've you been?
izuna_13_13 Report | 07/03/2016 11:14 am
That's good to hear! Too bad your neck is in pain now! Hospitals aren't known for being the funnest of places, unfortunately. I hope there's enough to keep you a little bit entertained at the least.
That fountain sounds pretty nice though, watching fish swim around is very relaxing.
izuna_13_13 Report | 07/01/2016 5:34 pm
Throat surgery! I hope that it all went well and that you'll heal up quickly!
Elskeleton Report | 06/30/2016 4:22 am
this is all I managed to save -sweatstoomuchanddies
also when you have yours saved in the future you should link me or else

i can't NOT say
your current avi is a most exquisite shape
you you you eye candy you
Elskeleton Report | 06/19/2016 5:58 am
Huh! I actually fancy your avatars the heroes of their own novels. Can't be a challenge for you to make any sorts'o stories for'em. ...Do you store your old avatars somewhere? I'd love to go through them.

Aw shucks! Never thought I'd receive such praise!
I'm not confident enough to DO GHOSTING but I shall make an effort just fo u:
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Pick Your Nose (Animated Style)
Dirge's Chant (Facepaint)
White Delicate Knit Poncho
Accessorized Mauling (Earrings and Necklace)
Blood Countess (Rose Skirt)
Sangue Regicidio (Designer Shades)
Vega's Passion (Kiss)
My Bloody Valentine (Make-up on point~)
Her Somber Embrace (Sheer Camisole)
Afternoon Tapioca (Headband)
Defiant Holly (Hair)
Gold Kiseru (Arm Pose: B A)
A Hope In Hell Report | 06/12/2016 7:31 pm
Thank you for the gift! It was such a surprise and made me smile!

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