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I've been in this place entirely too long sweatdrop
But my avi is cute so whatever heart


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The pessimist complains about the wind... the optimist expects it to change... the realist adjusts the sails.


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Tora Dear Report | 03/29/2017 5:15 am
What's chirpin, lil birdie?
DamnBlackHeart Report | 06/25/2015 9:19 am
Aw, thanks for the gift. Oh, look our avis could be twins. lol
I wish there was more purple items though.
DamnBlackHeart Report | 05/18/2015 6:18 pm
For a bunch of free items and gold click on this link which will take ya to the forum. Most of the items I already got, but I was surprise that I missed a few. So yup, you can sell those items or keep them. lol I'm gonna let Flo know too. 3nodding

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DamnBlackHeart Report | 05/17/2015 12:52 pm
cool avi
x3Kitty-Loverx3 Report | 05/12/2015 8:48 am
Thanks for buying. biggrin
DamnBlackHeart Report | 02/05/2015 10:30 pm
Wow! Your avi looks pretty badass. =)
Shymedusa Report | 05/26/2013 6:57 pm
cool avi
DamnBlackHeart Report | 08/22/2012 6:38 pm
Nice Avi!
DamnBlackHeart Report | 03/19/2012 5:46 pm
I figure I should leave a comment. After all, it's 2012 and you have yet to get a new comment for the year. Nice profile and avi! heart
Balue14 Report | 11/26/2011 9:44 pm
thanks for buying ^-^