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    Guess I should actually make an about me, huh.

    Previously: InfernusNinja :^)

    I'm a trash, graduated(!!!) high school student with a major obsession for k-poop. Honestly, just name a band and I probably heard of them before.

    My name is based of the god flower boy Hongbin, but I'm actually Jaehwan-biased c":

    I sound sarcastic 90% of the time, and literally 50% of that is real sarcasm. Take what I say with a grain of salt.

    Ever since zOMG! has returned, I try my best to get on, but I made the mistake of taking too many responsibilities to actually find the time to ;;. Nonetheless, if I'm online during a weekend hmu, I'm down for anything (just be warned, I take aggro a lot lol). I'm done with school, just hmu if you wanna run I guess. Otherwise I'll be on Soul Worker JP.

    When I'm not on z! I play some shitty mobile games (cough Unison League and Fire Emblem Heroes) or grind Lake Kindred for wishlist items.

    Yes, I made this horrible profile code. I'll get good someday, promise.

    That's all I'll tell you stalkers. Only people I'm close to get to know more, so talk to me if you want to (:

    Song: At the End - Lee Changsub