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    Honestly why am I still here. Well, since you found this page, I'll enlighten you then.

    Previously: InfernusNinja :^)

    I'm a trash student with a major obsession with k-poop.

    I was a huge zOMG! addict before it shut down (I only did 1 Bloodlust run, so I guess I'm good enough?).

    Lee Jaehwan is my one and only (although Hongbin needs to go a w a y >< ).

    I'm good at conversation but really bad at keeping friendships. Thank you to those who stick around anyway.

    Nowadays I'm busy playing random mobile games (cough Unison League), so yeah. I'm also a part-time Sycamorte killer in Lake Kindred.

    No, I won't show you what I look like, or tell you any personal information. You need to get close to me to know.

    If you wanna talk, hit me up, or ask for my Line. I'm always down.

    The people to the right are ones that I share dear memories with before zOMG! died. Now that it's reviving, I hope to catch you, or anyone I've met before, when the time comes~

    Song: My Light ~ VIXX