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Hey there, I'm Honey Flavour. You can call me Honey or whatever's clever.

I'm a nurse in Washington state and I'm in a dance troupe. So even though that makes me sound super busy, I'm still here on gaia roleplaying when I have the time. You can usually find me with a certain group of people known as THE FLOCK. Yeah, yeah, yeah - the name sounds super fluffy, but don't cross a few of those badasses in there because you get burned. Seriously, they'll flock you. Ahahahaha. Otherwise, we're all supah chill and they're like my famiry here on gaia. I love 'em, like hardcore.

Now just because I run with THE FLOCK, doesn't mean I only join roleplays with them in it - we just happen to gravitate to each other after a little bit of stalking. Hahaha, but real talk here... if I do end up joining your roleplay, you're stuck with me like white on rice mang. o uob Seriously, I'm down for anything as long as it's to my liking. 1x1's or group roleplays, holler at me! And if I like what I see, I join. C'mon now, let's get on that horizontal tango. C:

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