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Well personally I don't have to much to say about myself or have a great opinion of myself so I don't think I can make an about me that's any good unless I could say draw a lightning bear having a guitar battle with a unicorn made of fire, but I can't so I won't, but I should get somebody to draw it for me.

So to give a less biased view I've drafted in a couple of friends to see what they think of me such as Oceon Ezriah:
Holy Slayer is "teh awesome gent."

If I were asked to describe Holy Slayer, here are some things I would say:

He is very sharing.
Anything he has, he will share with those he cares about.
He can be very covert.
By this I mean that he is tricky, and it can be difficult to get him to actually talk about himself.
He’s very loving and is always focusing on the feelings and needs of others.
By no means is he always serious;
he does like to joke around and be goofy.
He is selfless, and is always looking to help others if he can.
He’s literate – he’s not a n00b, yo.
He is peaceful.
He’s quite untypical if you ask me. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone like him.
His friendship is perpetual.
Once you’ve made a connection with him, he doesn’t just forget about you.
Whether he wants to admit it or not, he’s very romantic

And if you don't believe her heres Danger Woman:
"Some call me Slayarrgghhhhh...but my name is Nicholas. I hail from Britishland. Even though I won't ever admit it---I'm quite flipping awesome. I'm crazy intelligent and I will make you literal lol right out of your flipping pants. Also, inspiration for my avatar was fueled by 1,000 baby souls...and that is how badass I am. Just sayin'."

So yeah according to those two I'm great, personally I don't think so but I'll let you judge that yourself and who am I to argue with arguements as persuasive as the ones above?


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L I N Z Y B E E Report | 01/23/2015 7:36 am
I am FLIPPING OUT over your honesty comment. Thank you so so so much for such lovely compliments and I hope I can send you a voice message sometime. I am SOOO happy actually had my earbuds in my purse and was able to listen to your message. xD Gaw! emotion_hug

I have actually never heard your voice before---we Americans think your Britishland accents are quite saucy---and you're no exception! I am pretty sure I melted. redface

Anyway! Love ya, Slayarggh! You're one of my best besties! emotion_awesome emotion_bigheart
Collizio Report | 01/11/2015 4:54 am
Ack, if you wanted that item you could have just had it D: You pay me for nothing.
Hi I'm okay, just a bit busy with work, so taking what little time I have to play WG and stuff. It's a stress relief. Also I've been looking into doing some training post graduation, because wow it is NOT TOO FAR AWAY sob sob sob. I hope you're ok as well. How is work and what have you been up to? heart
Okami Tenrou Report | 01/03/2015 5:58 pm
You never had a choice to begin with, bwahahaahahaaaa~ heart
Kuro the Rookie Kingpin Report | 12/31/2014 4:04 pm
/builds a pillow fort

You are as funny as ever. :3
Kuro the Rookie Kingpin Report | 12/31/2014 3:39 pm

rofl rofl rofl
Ohmigosh, that sentence.
Kuro the Rookie Kingpin Report | 12/31/2014 3:26 pm

Well, it is kinda fun except for the fact that I have to look after my sister ...
There was a bushfire and we had to sleep in the main building. o:
Kuro the Rookie Kingpin Report | 12/31/2014 2:41 pm
Thank you and it's ok! You don't have to, really!

Happy new year! ^ o ^
K i m z y Report | 12/27/2014 4:51 am
You're welcome. I did. I hope you had a brilliant Christmas as well. 3nodding
The Magical Yuri Toaster Report | 12/26/2014 1:48 pm
Surprise gifts are the best gifts! emotion_hug Glad it made you happy. That was the point. 3nodding
dissolve me Report | 12/25/2014 2:55 am
He was a very lucky dog. He keeps your tears well, I'm sure.

And that's pretty sweet! You must be something of a film buff unless they're all fight club would love a job like that! Also, Merry Christmas Santa Musclessss emotion_yatta