Hi! I'm Holmgeir.

- I'm female, but I'm often being mistaken for a dude IRL.

- I speak Engrish since English isn't my native language.

- I love Viking, Pagan, Epic and/or Folk Metal music so much. I'm a metal snob. I'm also enjoy Power and Symphonic metal.

- I'm obsessed with gritty fantasy warrior and Russian former military personnel OCs.

- I don't like most Anime (except Black Lagoon and some of Gundam series).

- I like giant mechas/robots. (Gundam, Transformers, Pacific Rim)


- I'm collecting both manly action figures and cute girly animal plushies. You can see some of my collection Here.

Comment here if you want.
(Please don't thank me for buying your s**t.)

My kind of music here