Hello, my name is Holmgeir. Call me whatever you like as long as it's appropriate. Holm is the easiest one.

My art & photo tumblr

- I'm in my late 20s (my birthday is December 10th).

- I'm a female IRL.

- English is not my first language. Sorry for my Engrishness.

- I'm Asian and living in Asaland, but I'm obsessed with Europe, especially Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

- Metalhead (Viking and Folk Metal are my favorite subgenres).

- I can't stop making Russian OCs.

- Also, I can't stop making melee warrior OCs.

- Loves both coffee and tea.

- Domestic cats, crayfish, and sloths (especially three-toed) are my favorite animals.

- Actually, I love all the animals (except pest insects).

- Glalie, Koffing, Meowth, and Raichu are my favorite Pokemon. Ice is my favorite type. Glacia and Lorelei are my favorite Pokemon Trainers (Koorimeshipping = <3).

- Likes some giant robot series, such as Gundam (Mainly Universal Century up to Unicorn and Astray), Transformers, Dunbine, and Super Robot Wars OG.

- I'm collecting action figures, Lego minifigures, cute animal & mascot plushies, and some Pokemon figurines. You can see some of my collection here.

- I have a cat named Panda. She was born in October 20th 2013.

Comment here if you want.
(Please don't thank me for buying your s**t.)

******** YES & HELL NO

- Metal (Viking, Folk, Power, Epic, Melodic Death)
- Fatty food
- Japanese food
- Boba tea
- Coffee with buttload of milk
- Cats and animals in general
- Gritty/badass warriors in high fantasy media
- Tall, blonde and badass female characters
- Articulated figures
- Japanese mascot characters (Hello Kitty, Nameko/Funghi, Funassyi)

- Sexualized things
- Humanoid demons
- Bishounens
- Vocaloids
- Most movies (especially horror and disaster ones)
- Most typical animu
- Japanese RPGs
- Much more, but I don't want to list them here