Oh I Also Need Hacks So Pm Me Some!!

“I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.”
― Marilyn Monroe

(I LOVE BATMAN :3.) Hi My Names Megan, Learn It, Say It, Know It, But I Own It [; You May Call Me Anything Just Not b***h Or Whore Cuz Thats Your Name I Don't Wanna Steal It! I'm Single<3 ♥. I Am 15 Years Young, My Best Friends Are: Kat,ZayZay,JayJay,Ciara,Bella,Nikki<3(Wife),Onyx. I'll Add More If You Ask Me To. That Was Not In Any Order. Oh And I Love Mustaches♥. My Favorite Colors Are razz urple,Blue,Teal,Green,Red And Neon Colors. I Love To Hang Out With My Friends And I Think That's About It. Bye Have A Nice Day!

dee doo beee doo beee , PERRRRYY ! biggrin oheey I didn't see chuu guuise there. Whoop, so I see your stalking my good pal Megan's profile ? ok c: continue to stalk :33 hehe . Anywwhho , you prolyyy think this is gonna be a boring a** hack = u =. Well , your absolutleyyy correct. Megan , Megan , Megan. The spontanious , loveable one ;D she will make you laugh , anyday . SHE'S FRIGGIN HILARIOUS c; haha . Once I sent her a LOOONNGGG a** private message.. wanna know what she said ? " Ha Hey " I MEAN CMON ' MEGAN CUT ME SOME SLACK HERE o; hehhe . I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS CHICK'S PHOTO BEFORE. grrrrr :c Although , we've only known each other for loike ' a daayy . hehe ^ w ^ . Yup , thats whats in. Making hacks for your friend, you've only known for a short period of time. ANYWWHHOO I BETCHUU THIS GIRL'S SMILE LIGHTS UP THE WHOLE ENTIRE GALAXYY : o WOAH. thats a friggin amazing smilec: well anyways I FEED HER MAC ' N ' CHEESE. MWAHAH. oh && we play this lil ' word game. Hella fun ((: I have one.. what starts with a B and ends with a D ? . Well haha , were only starting to become friends but I KNOW DIS ' CHICK WILL BE MY LOVER SHOMEDAAYYY :3 haha. I over did the letter again , didnt I ? c; oops. oh well . Buuh byeee STALK HIS DAMN SEXY GIRL. hehe. oh and the answer was Bestfriend , cause thats what you are to me Meg(:
- Brooke xoxo c; <3


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