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Ready to get the pieces of shits out of my life
Determined, ready to hit life head on

Name: Kirstin (KIR-S-TIN)

that's for the idiots that can't spell,
I won't correct you but you should be able to read.

ask about me.. I am not afraid to talk, most of the time

Sometimes you wake up.
Sometimes the fall kills you.
And sometimes, when you fall
you fly. -Unknown



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Renamed due to being able to understand the story
crazy awesome story by: Abizon

Hoen godfy was a reaper, not a reaper in you see in the T.V shows but like a supernatural police officer. She had to protect human souls, and escort them where they are meant to be. heaven, hell and even limbo. She had no love for humankind but was told to protect it with her life by death him self. A soul is a very powerful thing. In the wrong hands a person can become a god. She had been doing her job proudly for the past 200 years. She's ventured into hell to drop off wicked souls and rose into heaven to drop off the saved souls, this was her favorite part of the job. Seeing one connect back with their lost family. One day though, She notice angels were training more then usual and so were demons...the last time this happen earth paid a huge price. She rushed to Limbo to warn Death himself of what was to come, but he already knew.
"It's the 2nd apocalypse war. " He said coldly looking down at a orb.
"Why? Did god order this? "
"No...the angels are impatient and want peace. The demons want control. God just wants his children to get along so he won't stop and pick a side like last time." Death commented
He picked our side though, he tethered paradise to our realm so all saved souls will go to paradise and not get locked out like last time." She quickly rebuked.
Death approached Hoen and kissed her forhead as a father would kiss his children. As all reapers were his children.
"Go Hoen, warn the clans of earth. Warn the Order of god. Warn the druids of nature, Warn the vampires of the night, get the message that a new war is coming and we are left to our selfs to fight it alone."

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