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Omg hi! I'm HM04! Or as I prefer to be called, Rebecca! (Yes, that means I'm strength - but you don't have to tell me that, believe me! Enough people already have...)

I absolutely love Dance Dance Revolution and Transformers! I'm on the Deceptecon side, but I will always love Optimus Prime. ❤ And I love swiss rolls too, as you may tell by my avatar; they're so cute!

My current practice involves marketing strategy and how to appeal to an audience on a business level; but not in a jerky way! I want to make sure my ideas flow and get the best for both sides of the business. You'll often see me floating around Site Feedback, Site Questions and Bug Reports trying to help out and give constructive critisism.

I studied Creative Media at College and Fine Art and Professional Practice at University - which is all about how to appeal to your audience!

I have my own Custom SD Doll, and I created the item Aries the Kindly Pegasus!

Also, owning a Halo doesn't automatically make me a jerk - come talk to me!