Things you CAN talk to me about without me blowing a fuse [And probably have an awesome conversation about!]:

★ Terminators [HELLA]
★ Dragon Ball [EVEN MORE HELLA]
★ Storm Hawks
★ Slugterra
★ Beyblade
★ Yu-Gi-Oh
★ Inazuma Eleven
★ Scan2Go
★ Super Mario
★ Spyro The Dragon
★ Sonic The Hedgehog
★ Crash Bandicoot
★ Knock-Knock
★ Portal
★ Team Fortress 2

Please don't ask me to play an online game with you or join something you're a part of - I just don't do that.


"The unknown future rolls toward us. I face it, for the first time, with a sense of hope. Because if a machine, a Terminator, can learn the value of human life, maybe we can too."

Talk to me about Terminators. I like Terminators.

I like them
a hella lot

I created the item Aries The Kindly Pegasus!

******** you guys

Sorry but because of the actions of past males, I need rules [yes, this is utterly pathetic.]:
If you're a girl - ignore them! I love you all.

★ I have a boyfriend.
★ Chances are, he'll see everything you say to me.
★ I have a boyfriend. Yes, I'm making sure that's in your head.
★ Don't fall in love with my avatar; it's pixels. That's pathetic.
★ Don't ask for a picture of me. If I wanted you to know what I look like, you'd know.
★ Don't ask for my Skype, don't ask for my email, don't ask for anything. Period.
★ Don't ask my name if you value your soul.
★ Don't ask me my age if you value your soul.
★ If I don't reply, I'm so so so so sorry. It's not like I have other responsibilities, like University.
★ Don't talk to me about Pokémon. I hate it, ironicly.
★ Don't suck up to me. Too many people do that.
★ If you haven't read this, I won't be impressed.

★ Unless you're my boyfriend, a T-1000 or GLaDOS, don't waste your time trying to get me in your virtual bed.