l Ozzie' l 8th Grade'$tatu$ l Best Friends'(: l
l Younqq'Lovee<3 l

Haii people's & welcome to mii page ! Less see where should ii start ? Hmm .? iif yoo' don' already knoe mii name iis Maribel . & ii am liiviin tha' takiin' status . Hoo' may ii be takiin' by ? Hiis name juss miiqht be Ozzie;<3 . Currently moved to Vaccaville ! Diidnt wan' too buu' ii guess iit was a priioriity ?! iima miis A LOT of peoples . Most iimportantly my Sister,PartnerInCrime,BestFriend, & , MyOne&OnleeLeslieBoo ! iif yoo' diidnt already figure out her name iit iis Leslie M. B. ! ii don' knoee waa' ii would do wiit' out her ! She helped me get to where ii am riite now ,, wiit-out her ii really don' thiink ii would be tha' person ii am riite now ! She leterally helped fiil mii heart .! We are always there for each other through thiick & thiin ! We knoee hoo' our'real' & 'true' friends are ! ii love her so much & no-one would be able to get between us .! Less see ,, haters go ahead & hate buu' juss knoe iim not gonna waiist mii tiime talkiin abou' yoo' cus iim not gonna waist mii tiime thiinkin' abou' tha' good & bad abou' yoo' ! Well thass a liitle abou' me ,, catch yoo' peoples l8ter !




Welcomeee Tooo Myyy Pageee!

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