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"To love someone... It is not to shut one's eyes to the other, nor to block one's ears to the truth... To love one another... Is to walk through life together... Open your eyes, open your ears... Look at each other... and together seek the best path for the both of you."
— Endrance —

RP Status:

Name: Hisoka Ishikawa

Gender: Female

Age: Looks 17, but her real age is unknown

Skin: Fair, Pale Peach, Light Tan < If she should spend her time out sunny days, of course. >

Eye Color: Pink in Neko form, Brown in Human

Height: 5'2'' < 157.48cm >

Weight: 105lbs < 48kg >

Species/Race: Half-Demon; Neko. There are certain times when she will revert to human form.

Alignment: Good

- < Body Built > Lacking femininity, Thin, Lacking some muscle; Don't let this fool you, Hisoka is a lot stronger than she looks.
- <Attire> Hisoka doesn't use anything special in particular and would rather use clothes for comfort instead of style. Hisoka is seen using a long, gray, fluffy pelt - A Mokomoko, like Sesshomaru - in the Neko form, and is RARELY seen using it when human. Hisoka has black cat ears and a black cat tail, but the tail is usually hiding in fear of it being pulled and tugged at. Hisoka also has a red collar with a golden bell attached to it, it will be visible or hidden under whatever clothing that is worn, or by the mokomoko. The collar and bell could also be seen even when she's in human form.The Golden Bell is no ordinary bell. It carries with her special, unspeakable abilities to help her along the way, should her own be limited. She'd never let go of it, or let any harm come its way. The golden bell is something important, and if anything should come to break it or have it shatter, she'll become a lifeless being.

Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous < Both hands >

Markings: Usually does not have any markings at all, but when using the full of her abilities two, red, vertical lightning-like marks will appear on the cheeks and under the eyes. When in the process of healing, the marks become blue and horizontal.

Personality: Hisoka is usually seen smiling and happy, most of the time her moods can switch very easily. She's a slightly patient person, loving and kind towards those who is reflecting the same. If she finds someone rude and mean toward her, then she'll mirror the attitude. She's short tempered, but can easily calm down if given a sweet treat. Hisoka prefers not to swear too often and doesn't like to hear other people swear either. Hisoka can be - at some time - perverted, but please forgive that.

- Illusionist
- Regeneration/Healing
- Psionics/Psychic/Esper
- Endurance
- Speed
- Strength
- Exceptional Reflexes
- Teleportation
- Flight
- Immortality < Hisoka has stopped aging or growing older in looks, therefore Hisoka's appearance remains the same. >

< Weapon > Mokomoko, Claws

The furry-looking thing - Mokomoko - that is used every now and then. If Hisoka doesn't have the mokomoko, then there are always the claws; The Mokomoko can be used to extend at great lengths, grabbing a person and constricting them.

Dokkasō (毒華爪, Toxic Flower Claw): Hisoka's claws release deadly acidic poison which can melt flesh and virtually anything else very quickly and can also spray the poison from the claws. They can fire large blades of energy, and can also transfer poison just by a small punch to any part of the victim's body. < Hisoka only releases the poison when the situation is necessary. So if anyone gets in close counter, they won't be affected by her touch. >

Poison Whip: A thin, whip-like strand of purple <Poison> or green <acid> energy from her fingertips that can slice through almost anything. The whip also displays characteristics of poison akin to the burning effect it has on contact. It is used often in combat not only as a weapon, but at a utility tool as well. The whip can extend great distances and retrieve people or objects in motion. It can also puncture armor and human flesh with intense energy similar to a projectile.

< Hand-to-Hand Combat > Hisoka prefers to keep at a distance since Hand-to-Hand combat isn't really a liking.

Past History: Hisoka doesn't remember her real parent's names or faces, whether they're still alive, or if they had died long ago. She grew up alone without a family to call her own. She feels that the only thing in "memory" of her parent, or parents, is the feeling she gets when she holds onto her mokomoko, and the bell around her scarlet collar.

Being born into the world, she became a rich and wealthy, having servants whom taught her about having a decent courtesy. She's come to grow the utmost respect towards the Butlers and Maids in the Mansion she now owns. She treats them with care, as she considers them her family members. They often refer to her as 'Mistress', despite her telling them not to; they call her this due to saving their ancestors in a later time from demons who terrorized their family.

Other info:
- She enjoys playing the violin, the chello, the piano, as well as other instruments and - usually when no one is around - singing. She loves to have sweets - Strawberries are especially her favorite - but she also likes to eat healthy foods too. She enjoys an afternoon and evening tea, as it was a 'family' thing.
- She's a Reverse Trap < A female who looks like a male. >
- Andrognous
- Ryosei Rui -- Someone who can use bass and treble< Able to use a male voice and female voice. > -- therefore identifying the gender of Hisoka can be difficult for some people. Most have considered Hisoka to be a female and some a male; either way, whichever view the person has on Hisoka, Hisoka will 'play' as that gender.
- Bokukko -- Also known as Bokko, it is a Japanese term for a girl that acts like a boy. < Lit. a tomboy >

Companion: N/A

Likes: Takoyaki, Pocky, Strawberries, Manga, Drawing, Onigiri

Dislikes: Nepeta cataria < Also known as 'Catnip' >, Insects


Click here for:

My Wix Page

My DeviantArt; My artwork sucks c:


My favored Reverse Traps/Traps; Reverse traps I'd be bi for are adorable and I love them!

Naoto Shirogane
Lei Kliesen

Favorite Quotes:

"Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned."

"I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes..."

"Unnecessary thoughts could get you killed"

"If you love me, then... Why won't you look at me?"


About Imperfect Adversary:

I have a short temper and very little - or no patience - at all. This has been proven countless times. There are things in this world I simply cannot stand at all. I'm only human, it's a natural thing.
I'm no Saint, I'm not perfect, I've lied but only when it's absolutely necessary. I make sure that my lies aren't that bad enough to actually hurt someone I love, though. I hope that most people would understand.
Being as old as I am, I still act like a child at heart. My acts, as well as other things, could also be perverted. I enjoy playing a "fool" sometimes, but there's a limit. So I can still be a serious person, but also a "fool".
I'm a very open-minded person. I can be bitter when my fuse is short.
I am someone of many promises, though some could not be kept and I apologize for that. It's easy for me to forgive some of their faults, I just won't be able to forget.

I am a person of honesty to certain questions, but I will not answer to personal questions such as: Where I live, My name.

I'm a faithful person, I laugh at people who would think otherwise. Most of the time, I like to keep things to myself. Every single day, I wear a mask. Only a few people know who I really am.

Interests in Men:

Someone who is honest and loyal. Someone who knows right from wrong and someone who will accept me for who I am. Someone who isn't too clingy, or too possessive. Someone who I can talk to when I'm sad, and would still stand by my side even when I'm ticked off.

If you do become my friend, I'd love it if you remained active on Gaia. However, if you've not come online for a few months, may it be 3-6... I will remove you from my friends list. I don't like to keep a long list, so I remove the Gaians that are inactive.

Visual Kei, Pocky, Ice Cream, Smoothies, Slushies, Cake, Lollipops, Strawberries, Family, Friends, Traps, Reverse Traps, Horror Movies, Music, Anime, Manga, Drawing, Making Friends

Trolls who troll without a reason, People who make promises, but don't keep them, Strangers who cling too much, People who b*tch without reason, God Modders, Hypocrites, Women who are too clingy and loud and annoying, Christians who blabber out things that aren't necessary

J-Pop/Rock Fanservice, Yaoi, Lemons/Lime/Fluff/Comedy in fanfiction/stories,

Liars, Cheaters, Being misunderstood, Insects, False Advertisements, Shitty grammar (Capitalization, Punctuation, UR instead of you're, CUZ instead of cause, and so on so forth...), Poor excuses, Being included in drama (I prefer to make it all happen), Friends who keep secrets about certain things and have no guilt about hiding or lying. It's not the person, it's the thing.


My Personas/Personalities:

Sakura(Saku); I am Saku, and Saku is I




Hisoka Ishikawa


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Sarcastic Plushie Report | 03/30/2015 3:52 pm
Sarcastic Plushie
I just decided to do a cosplay, went to my gaia and noticed you were doing the same cosplay
You look so good~ emotion_yatta
The Goose is Loose Report | 03/12/2015 11:15 pm
The Goose is Loose
it's a long way off but i'm working on both
One of them I want to be something like .hack and Sword Art but without the whole "trapped in the game" feeling
Another is about a High School News Paper club
and the last is about a Mafia ran movie theatre
and thats just being vague without saying too much~
The Goose is Loose Report | 03/08/2015 4:55 pm
The Goose is Loose
Basically working on making a comic and an animation series. That and music , tailoring, and some other random stuff. Too much stuff right now too much ambitions
The Goose is Loose Report | 03/06/2015 9:07 am
The Goose is Loose
well it's good to see you're doing well!
My life currently is building up, working on finishing up college atleast for now, and going to be getting a house.
That and I'ma be start working on some projects i wanna do~
The Goose is Loose Report | 03/05/2015 1:21 pm
The Goose is Loose
Not too bad, dealing with the normal parts of growing up, wbu?~
The Goose is Loose Report | 02/22/2015 4:11 pm
The Goose is Loose
Haha well I was gone for a while too lol
Shoulda commented yesterday when my user was till Endrance Kazama xD
The Goose is Loose Report | 02/22/2015 2:56 pm
The Goose is Loose
Oh Hai o:
Long time no chat
Kairu Corruption Report | 09/06/2014 5:37 pm
Kairu Corruption
In case you ever get to read this. RC is back! ._. Alexander/Kairu, signing out!
XxAvarice_ChanxX Report | 03/04/2014 10:05 am
lol idk
XxAvarice_ChanxX Report | 02/25/2014 5:53 am
Ira somewhat came back to gaia but his laptop needs replaced


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