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I really want this one so please help me out here.
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1,489,000 Gold
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Other things

okay my name 'Brieann' is spelt weirdly but means "Strong, Honorable and Noble".

I have 3/8ths of German blood

golden brown hair, wavy, medium and long.

eyes they actually have a hint of green mixed in the brown eyes but they say its light brown.

I am currently learning Japanese.

I am good at cooking, art, cleaning and at hard labors (outside works, mowing, weeding, etc.)

I have a mole on left side cheek (people see it but never notice it much, about same size of a small eraser)

never had a boyfriend.

strange, nasty attitude, ditz and klutz. quiet yet loud, again strange, random talking, talks backwards, mixes words up and I'm around 5'4'' or 5'5''...hard to measure.


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What to become of us if they know how to deal with Internet O_O

Hisa Amasawa

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Irraishimasu! cat_blaugh (Welcome)
This is my store, I mostly sell ink, random things, tickets, coins, fish stuff and things I don't want. neutral
The ones I mostly sold was the angel imp potion, scared leaf, red, blue, yellow, brown and black ink, I kinda stop with the tickets and coins. And some fishes also so enjoy your items cat_exclaim


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Bleach dolls

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Me Chibi

this is me and yes i drew it! X3
I'll have more don't worry. smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif

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Yo! I'm Brieann Miller! I had to change this "About Me' thing because that was REALLY old and I'm not that much of that 'old' person now. I go by Bree or Choco your choice, Hisa is fine also. I am 17 (almost 18 soon), LONG golden brown hair, greenish-brownish eyes, fairly fair complexion, 5'5'', 135 lbs, skinny (not as a skeleton though, I do have meat), and so on and so forth but I'll tell more just to torture you. cat_smilies/icon_xp.gif
I live in UT (not telling address), I'm a senior now but I will be going to college to major in Japanese because I am literally OBSESSED with that culture! smilies/icon_heart.gif I do like anime and manga, I tend to vary to one manga to another so I like them all (currently into Gamaran now), I like cooking, art, chores, organizing, CHOCOLATE! emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif Especially DARK chocolate! smilies/icon_4laugh.gif

Well my personality changes and goes up and down a lot so I'll do my best anyway. Obviously people say I am strange, random and change subjects very randomly also, I am responsible, hardworking, friendly (if I get along with you), weird, funny, apathetic most of the time, joker (only a little), creative, artistic, very helpful and trustworthy and well... moody, not violent though.
Well I'm about to lose some ideas so I'll type in whenever I come up with anything. smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif I hope we get along and have a nice time. :3

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Hi. I am now Hisa Amasawa nicknames Bree and Choco ^^

about my self, what I do and stuff like that ( pretty boring huh ) CHOCOLATE!!!! XD

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sha312 Report | 09/02/2013 8:19 pm
Go Hisa go! College ain't got nothing on you. emotion_dealwithit
BlackReaper18 Report | 08/27/2013 7:36 am
Cool avi 3nodding
sha312 Report | 08/20/2013 8:14 pm
You're looking especially ninja today. emotion_yatta
sha312 Report | 08/20/2013 2:20 pm
Hi Hisa. whee
WhimsicalXellos Report | 06/04/2013 12:16 pm
Hi there! Thanks for Best in Bottle. : )
sha312 Report | 10/19/2012 3:09 pm
*tackles glomps and squishes* mrgreen
sha312 Report | 10/19/2012 3:04 pm
*sneezes and shoots out a lightning bolt. xp

-Xweetalk- Report | 07/25/2012 9:02 am
Haha, mine WAS Naruto!
But I just felt like making mine simple for a while.
-Xweetalk- Report | 07/25/2012 8:59 am
I could tell it took a while to put them on there.
I had mine like that for a long time.
-Xweetalk- Report | 07/24/2012 11:05 am
I can tell!


I really want this one so please help me out here.
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2,832,038 Gold
Muramasa 191,000*
Ancient Katana 1,489,000
Inari's Beads 629,998
Straw Waraji 4,200*
White Tabi 600*
Kuro Hakama 6,600 *
Kuro Kosode 2,640 *
Sainte Ciel: Eros 508,000
' * ' means I have it already. smilies/icon_smile.gif


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I love Byakuya Kuchiki, Yachiru and Unohana. Awesome! X3

I wish to be with them but... I'm American...what can I do? ^^'

Nya! <3

He's smart O-o


hopefully that doesn't happen O-o

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lovely Shinji...just lovely.

Hate it

Flip-flop attack!!

I have a lot of crap on here!!

can you here me now? (banana held to ear)

what everyone thought of it before


it says...
'you b*****d!!'


I also of all love MOMO!!!

Very true O_O;;;'''

uh.... cute? ;;

yes...they're deadly too >smilies/icon_smile.gif

here you go Ichigo!

you bad man! > : (

Give it up Renji

O-o Gin...'''

NO! >: (

R-Renji?! O-o;;;

O-o whoa so true.

tch tch tch

Oh Uryu -_-

Iori Sengoku is awesome!

wow really?

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