Name: His Kuren
Status: Engaged as of March 28th, 2014
Taken since October 28th, 2012
Face: X

I can be found lurking the Pokemon Forum, GCD, Site Feedback and life issues forum. I'm pretty shy even anonymously posting behind an avatar so I generally don't post much.
If I come across as abrasive please don't take it personally, its just how I hide my shyness at times. However I can get pretty nasty if I feel you've wronged my friends somehow. I care about them alot and I'm not shy about letting others know that.
I like alot of video games. I love music of course. I also enjoy drawing from time to time. I'm in love with my best friend, he's literally just a really great friend. He did end up proposing earlier this year. There hasn't been a day since we met that he hasn't made me smile, no matter how shitty a day I was having.
I'm the Brown leader over at the Rainbow Pokemon League! Come battle me sometime?
Also, I'm collecting Go Fusion charms. If you're interested I even do art or might even offer fair prices if you're looking to sell them!

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His Kuren