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Who I am

Name: His Kuren
Status: Engaged as of March 28th, 2014
Taken since October 28th, 2012
Face: X
Doing Right Now: Playing Pokemon GO!
Current Passion: Pokemon GO!
I like video games! I'm currently playing: Pokemon GO!

I can be found lurking the GCD and running a guide in the Lake Kindred Forum. I'm the Brown leader at the Rainbow Pokemon League! I'm staying out of the competitive scene right now, mostly just breeding and doing contests.
I love music, I'm mostly into rock and techno music. I'm always looking for music suggestion. I enjoy drawing from time to time as well, I've gotten a bit out of practice.
I'm a ferret mommy. Ask me about her and I wont shut up!

Please don't ask me to sell any items I'm wearing. If I was interested in selling an item it would be in my shop.

His Kuren