Constantly updating

{Number 0 : The Fool}
Overbearing // Dominant // Steel Hearted

          Jobs? Protagonist Lv , Red Mage Lv 7, Astrologist Lv , Summoner Lv
          Currently: Hope Estheim
          Normally? Haze, Hope, Savior, Loki, and many others
          Married to?: this hottie
          Age?: Old.
          Hobbies? Gaia cosplay and roleplay
          Contact? I made a new tumblr here.

          Dislikes? Plenty. Figure 'em out.
          Like(s)? One specific thing that if you touch it, might lose a finger or two.
          Abilities? thisisn'tfinalfantasy I can decipher old greek, I can talk to animals (well, canine's), and the ability to hear you talk s**t behind your screen.
          Wishlist? Senpai's not noticing you, but you can PM me for a wishlist. For my birthday? Ship me my boyfriend so he can be happy.
          Cosplay list? Certainly!
          Marvel: Loki's (many many Loki's)
          Final Fantasu: Hope, Hope, Hopu, Seven
          Fire Emblem: Robin, Lucina (ITRIED), Gerome, Naga, Kamui
          and more! stay tuned for updates!

Her Radiance
His Darkness
Her Radiance
Galactic Savior
Ness Roeqin
Goddess of Pole Dancing
Paige Dead
Radiant Sora

"welcome back."