Hello! I am Jacqueline. I am 20 years old, turning 21 soon!~
    I am Italian and Saami. Most of my facial features are
    that of a Saami person.
    I still speak fluent Italian, so am happy to talk in Italian
    if you speak it!

    I am currently living in Australia, in Melbourne.
    I am studying cert IV in Library and Cultural services, soon
    to continue my studies in Criminal Psychology.

    Most of my interests are in: Psychology, Linguistics, religions (I am not religious - but find it very interesting!), Mythology, Anatomy, Music (of course!), Video games, Anime, Lolita fashion and debates of varying topics.
    I spend a lot of time researching things for the heck of learning something new, and always love learning about new topics!

    I am generally a very happy person, though I am also incredibly shy.
    Generally I have problems going outside if I see another person standing outside. I usually run back in!
    I turn red from getting compliments, and have a very quiet voice.
    I am trying to work on my shyness - baby steps~

    I am a conservative person; regardless of the weather, I will always
    wear a nice covered up shirt, and usually wear layers.
    Usually my clothing style is either gaming apparel, or cute things.

    Video games are what I like to do in my down time (which I probably have too much of?)
    I am very much into Tera at the moment.
    Hoping to get a 3DS XL soon to play the new Pokemon, too!
    I will list all my gaming info at the end if you'd like
    to add me on certain consoles/games.

    Anyways, so that's pretty much me in a nutshell!
    I do use Skype, and Facebook, but if you'd like to add me on either,
    please talk to me on here for awhile first.
    I don't add people who I do not know well.


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No problem, doll. :3 How're you??
Sonic Offline

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Sonic Offline

Oh my, thank you ;3
Zombie Spider Fiend

Report | 07/19/2013 11:43 am

Zombie Spider Fiend

Oh dear!
Lion Dust

Report | 07/18/2013 12:27 am

Lion Dust

Aww, thanks.

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i would LOVE to talk to you, just post some thing random or PM me. Tell me about your day if you can't think of anything.

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Yes. you remembering me is TOTALLY AWESOME!

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*pets gently* I'm good. im 42 today. And a catgirl remembered me! I'm so happy! *nuzzles*

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Well, I did. But all my friends went back to Mabinogi. emo


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D'aww shucks, thanks. emotion_awesome

If I said I played RO2 would it impress you some more? emotion_kirakira

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Did you draw that? o.o


My love, Qyp

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