I'm breakable-- unbreakable.
..............going Insane.

Unable to lose my mind!


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The world is in chaos but don't loose hope, you are the reason why I still dream

The Whispers In My Ears

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Sid the Bear Report | 08/30/2015 11:53 am
Sid the Bear
Thanks for buying~
Tooni Report | 08/27/2015 7:50 pm
Thank you for your recent purchase smile
Lawaysa Report | 08/20/2015 9:37 am
Hunny Yes, Hard times ain't the word 4 it, I'll pm u and tell u. Thanks 4 asking. smile
Lawaysa Report | 08/19/2015 12:45 pm
Lol Yeah ur probably right.
Lawaysa Report | 08/18/2015 10:35 am
Thanks,ur's is also cute, luv the hair. smile
Lawaysa Report | 08/06/2015 9:09 am
Your so very welcome, glad it cheered u up. smile
Lawaysa Report | 08/02/2015 10:09 am
Aww i'm sorry to hear about ur dog. sad
Lawaysa Report | 07/12/2015 4:30 pm
Your Welcome and that's the problem they B!tch to much around here when they have to help u. sad
Lawaysa Report | 07/12/2015 6:30 am
Wow Sorry u had to go through all of that,the dr had said that if mine doesn't heal up the right way which he said it should i might have to get pins,but when i went to the orthopedic dr he said it should heal just fine in the cast so i'm hoping it does. Thanks 4 being concerned. smile
Lawaysa Report | 07/11/2015 8:30 am
Wow!! sorry to hear that and no i don't think i'm gonna have to have surgery just stuck in this cast for 6 weeks til i go back, he said he would xray it again and see if it had healed and if so he would put me in a boot.