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Hi I'm Jeni & I love Jae.

I've been told You'll never achieve anything. You're nothing special. You're just another plain rock that could never hope to shine.
As a kid I heard them so often even from family that I begun believing them. Then one day I realized that I'm blessed with one of the most precious gifts the world has to offer. I can do anything so long as I never give up cause what I have...

It's love, but it's the kind that not even fairy tales can depict. Even if everything is aiming for a happy ending, I am looking for a happy forever. God gave me this along with the one person I love most. That's my boyfriend. Jae is the reason for my silly memes, the strength to believe, the courage to pursue my dreams & for supporting me to love the way I do.
Jae is & always will be the greatest blessing God has given to me.

I'm aiming to lead by example by giving my all to live a selfless life.
There will be times where I desire but I will work on needs first.
Life is beautiful, as are all of the friends I've made here.
I adore you all, thanks for being who you are.

Floradore: hello im flora-senpai.

Naturalist: you are the best non-korean korean I know.

Fuklor is a gem to the world. She is a blessing in more ways than one. She's talented as an artist, & as a friend. I love her so much, & I'm proud to be able to call her family.

I cherish all my friends but main shout out to the #FloofSquad

FYI Goats Gooooat.
Jae & Jaysea are the cutest koreas.
Fuklor & Grace are inspirational blessings.

Avi Art <3
Friend Appreciation