I'm Tyler
I'm 18 years old
I'm empty


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netflix v2 Report | 03/03/2015 10:13 pm
netflix v2
just not going anywhere to be honest

in a month me and my uncle move
I'm ready but then I'm not
netflix v2 Report | 03/03/2015 10:06 pm
netflix v2
i wish mine has but it's not gone as great as I thought it would
netflix v2 Report | 03/03/2015 10:03 pm
netflix v2
i miss talking to you
netflix v2 Report | 03/03/2015 9:59 pm
netflix v2
you got a hair cut?
netflix v2 Report | 02/14/2015 10:43 am
netflix v2
I've been eh

same s**t different day
not thrilled about today tho

I'm sorry that's gotta be tough
netflix v2 Report | 02/13/2015 7:34 am
netflix v2
hey Ty been a long while since we last chat

how are things?
netflix v2 Report | 01/31/2015 10:49 am
netflix v2
i can see that but if we had some other way to contact that's quicker for you to reply I'm down
netflix v2 Report | 01/31/2015 10:48 am
netflix v2
I need to get your contact
netflix v2 Report | 01/27/2015 1:24 pm
netflix v2
i miss you you butt
alexis ozlem Report | 01/27/2015 1:14 pm
alexis ozlem
pls skype message me
im nto even mad at you i just miss talking to you

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