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I am 23 years old, gender-fluid ("I dont know what that is!"), homosexual, and currently in a relationship.

My hobbies include writing, playing video games, and making jewelry.

I'm a full-time student shooting for a double-major in Theater and Communication. I work part-time as a stagehand mostly doing sound design but also unloading trucks for concerts that come into town.

If you ever want to chat, RP, or just catch up with an old buddy from the forums, feel free to PM.

Before you ask, yes, sometimes I get bored with my avatar and change it to something other than Hiei.


Hn. What? You want to know about me?

*smirks* You're serious?

Alright, fine, but remember you're the one who asked.

I was born to an ice maiden, a Koorime, by the name of Hina. Imiko, they called me. The Forbidden Child. They were an all-female clan, so ... you can imagine how they felt having a fire demon born among them.

I was cast out with only one hint as to my heritage: a rare tear gem that my mother shed while giving birth to me.

I was found by a bandit clan. The leader of that clan became the closest thing I ever had to a father. I was raised among them, a hellion of a child. I wore my tear gem in full view, knowing that every cutthroat demon who saw it would kill me over it. The rush of being chased only to escape or turn and watch their blood flow satisfied me to no end.

When I was a teenager, the bandits had finally had enough of me. I was cast out - again!

I didn't care at that point.

I continued to pick fights, to steal, to murder. Until one day I got careless. During a fight, I lost my tear gem. I had to find it again. It had become more than a necklace, it was a piece of me. I contacted Shigure, and begged him for an implant that would allow me to find it again. In an incredibly painful and exhausting surgery, he gave me the Jagan Eye, which granted me a new set of psychic abilities. While I recovered from the surgery, Shigure was also kind enough to teach me the art of swordship. My sword became my weapon, and the Jagan my shield.

I never found my tear gem using the Jagan. I did manage to track down the ice villiage where I was born, for all the good that it did me. My mother was dead, my sister had left. There was nothing there for me, so I started to roam.

My travels took me to the human realm, where I met Kurama and Goki. Together, we formed a plan to steal three spirit world artifacts and gain ultimate power from doing so. To my dismay, I miscalculated the persistance of the spirit world and their tiny prince, Koenma. Koenma sent a human after us: Yusuke. I thought he was a weakling until he managed to kill Goki. I was caught, arrested, and banished to the human world.

As it turns out, though, Koenma was not done with me. I was able to shorten my sentence by joining sides with Yusuke. He and his human friend Kuwabara acted as spirit detectives, catching arresting demon criminals. Together, with Yusuke, Kurama, Kuwabara, and myself, we make a rag-tag team, but a team nonetheless.


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This is my journal and it has a creative title.

Contains whatever I feel like typing at the time, which is usually unimportant but if you have nothing better to do, you're welcome to read it.


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Zombiegir1 Report | 04/30/2015 11:22 am
woo umbrellas
[+Pickleweasel+] Report | 02/19/2015 7:59 am
Represent. cool
~Lovers Lost~ Report | 02/11/2015 1:08 pm
Lol. I do roleplay, but mostly its just created ones, not movie/book/anime stuff.
~Lovers Lost~ Report | 02/10/2015 11:27 pm
You get this alot I'm sure, but I love hiei so I love you heart
Duo-chan_in_wonderland Report | 02/09/2015 11:53 am
Ohmygoodness I love your name and avatar! YuYu Hakusho has a special place in my heart forever
AlbertaxRose Report | 11/25/2014 3:05 pm
Hi, I'd like to buy all of your Crumpled Green Construction Papers, please.
Ms Butter who Fly Report | 10/25/2014 10:09 pm
Thank you so much for your purchase! mrgreen
Lillyana Wild Report | 07/17/2011 7:21 pm
can i just start somewhere? or do i have to start where i was?
Lillyana Wild Report | 07/17/2011 1:27 am
im so sorry i didnt get your comment, if your still there i would love to rp! i dont know what happened to the others i was rping with.
-x-Placid Chaos-x- Report | 07/16/2011 1:15 pm
well you suceed with me :3



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