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Well I'll start off simple. I love my daughter Nora more than anything. I love playing guitar and video games. Living in wisconsin. Feel free to talk to/message me, I'm a nice person!





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GalaXY TwinZ Report | 02/25/2014 5:46 am
GalaXY TwinZ
Can we videochat?....
GalaXY TwinZ Report | 01/14/2014 5:46 am
GalaXY TwinZ
If you're online here and read this, it means I'm worried about you. I haven't heard anything from you since. Email me, please? crying
GalaXY TwinZ Report | 09/03/2013 10:45 am
GalaXY TwinZ
Oh, I forgot to mention one thing:

Wow, your avatar looks so tough and hot!! eek redface heart
GalaXY TwinZ Report | 09/03/2013 10:41 am
GalaXY TwinZ
It's ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, beautiful! xd
I missed you so so so much! I understand you are very busy with life. I'm just glad to hear again from you. redface 3nodding wink
It eases my worrisome personality that nothing wrong happened to you.
Have a goodnight, beautiful! Take care! heart heart heart heart heart emotion_hug emotion_hug emotion_hug
GalaXY TwinZ Report | 09/03/2013 10:40 am
GalaXY TwinZ
******** sorry! I don't know how your reply got in that comment! You can delete that comment if you want to. I'm going to post a new one, anyway. sweatdrop redface
GalaXY TwinZ Report | 08/25/2013 9:21 am
GalaXY TwinZ
Pleass reply sad
GalaXY TwinZ Report | 06/27/2013 6:09 pm
GalaXY TwinZ
Yo yo yo!
How's being Taylor Lautner doing, dear lady? xp
And how's your busy life going on? smile
Lastly, how's your lil angel? biggrin
GalaXY TwinZ Report | 06/15/2013 11:41 am
GalaXY TwinZ
lol, you look like taylor lautner before he cut his hair....hope-kun! XD
GalaXY TwinZ Report | 06/11/2013 2:56 am
GalaXY TwinZ
You can try be one. wink
A friend of mine cut her hair and she looks SO much like a boy but in a way that makes both gender fall for her lol. xd
And I admit, I was one of that guy who fell for her "boyish handsomeness". blaugh

---"If I Were A Boy" Parody---
~If you were a boy (or a man), we would be so like bromance~
~We might not talk about sports because I'm not a fan of one~
~But we can still hangout watching reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S (or any TV show of your choice)~
~And then, I'll be shock just how the heck you had a child with your blood in her~
~Don't tell me you just cloned yourself (wait, a female clone of yourself? that's SPOCKS-phemy!)~
~And then I'll be wondering if I ever stop~
~Singing this stupid song~
~I don't think it will ever end (unless if I say "The End" or "End"---oh wait, I just did...PHEW!)~
GalaXY TwinZ Report | 04/24/2013 8:20 am
GalaXY TwinZ
Hey, Hope-chan. What's up? biggrin
It's been a long time and you started growing your hair now, haha. xp
Hope to hear from you soon, beautiful. smile

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