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Gender: Female

Gorgeroushire Palace Foyer

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FIRST NAME: Laurella

FULL NAME: Laurella Roseguildia Helioscourt

FULL TITLE: Her Imperiale Majeste, Empress Laurella Roseguildia Clarislighta Helioscourt VII of Apollosolaria.

NICKNAME(S): Rells, Dolly, Bell, Little Miss

HOUSE: Helioscourt

CREST: A red velvet curtain with a mink sole. Golden laurels surround the curtains and a golden shield with four separate squares. One square has a palm tree, on one, a checker board, one displays a flying dove and the other with seven laurel leaves.

AGE: 2,004

BIRTHDAY: February 25th

SIGN: Pisces

SPECIES: Heliollonan. Basically, an Angelic-Fae/Witch Humanoid. They take on monotone skin tones such as black, gray and white and all have white to ivory hair. Their eyes are cool colored, ranging from violet, blue and green. The most common eye color is violet. They are very hardy creatures, but their true form is very delicate, blown glass. They turn into this glass once every year at the rising of the new year's sun. Their enemies have caught onto this and the race relies on their political allies to keep them from invading. In turn, the Heliollonans help their allies in the times of weakness.

HEIGHT: 152 cm.

WEIGHT: 7 1/2 stone

BODY TYPE: Very petite, yet has a bell-shaped hip-ratio.

COMPLEXION: Snow white with pink cheeks.

EYE COLOR: Deep crystal blue

HAIR COLOR: Ivory white

TATTOOS: Possesses a secret tattoo in a hidden place with three yellow roses and a gold ribbon banner.

HOMEWORLD: Faucetition-2 (The Diamond Planet): Is a world of another universe that boasts to be made of diamond in the rough. Faucetitoin is not exactly made of all diamond, though a good portion of it is. It's north and south poles are made of a solid kind of special diamond which has yet to be broken. The planet does have a pure blue diamond satellite which makes the nights on the planet a dreamy blue. The planet has two natural satellites and a hollow, habitable artificial one named Oxyntar.

COUNTRY OF REIGN: Apollosolaira. An empire taking up an entire continent of the Diamond Planet. It is stationed by the Aquamarine Sea, the largest sea and port in the world. This gives the empire it's tropical flair. It also helps with its economy and tourism.

RESIDENCE: Glogorgeoushire Palace. It is a towering and sprawling structure made of pure polished sunstone. The palace took hundreds of years to complete and was partially destroyed three times in history due to war.

FAVORITE PLACE: She likes visiting the lands of Gaia from time to time. She is also fond of Diamond Sand Beach by her castle.

FAMILY: Her parents went missing some time ago. Emperor Leono and Empress Laurella VI. Though they are proclaimed dead, Laurella is obsessed with finding them, often taking long, sometimes secret expeditions to gather clues. She is survived by no siblings, but has uncles, aunts and cousins from her father's side.

PETS: Her most cherished animal friend is a cute, but planet-buster power level yellow duck named Duke. Duke was found abandoned among the pilings of a pond while Laurella was on her travels. He was abandoned by his family for being different in his abilities and homely appearance. Duke is an ordinary duck in looks and mindset. He does not talk, and wants nothing more than to play. The truth is, that Duke's power is so strong that far too many underestimate the little yellow duck until it is far too late. Duke also has the power to lay normal-looking eggs which can be used as power-ups, though, being a duck, shows no interest in the infertile eggs. As far as his powers go, how he received them exactly is a mystery, though the high pollution of the area he was found in points to a clue. Duke is fiercely protective of Laurella, follows her everywhere, and can sense danger and secretly dangerous people. The more he followed Laurella, the more he matured and became beautiful. Although he is just a duck, Duke is smart and learns quickly. Duke wears a silver crown on his head with a red center jewel and a white ruff around his neck. Duke enjoys pecking for hermit crabs near the ocean, pretty ponds, eating grasshoppers and sleeping in.

PERSONALITY: Laurella is virtuous, generous and quite kind in nature. She tends to think with her heart rather than logic, though she can come to her senses later on. Her head is constantly in the clouds and she daydreams often, despite the fact she is actually very intelligent. Laurella is selfless to a fault and is very sympathetic to the point where others have tried taking advantage of her nature. She is reserved and shy, but has gotten better with being more outgoing since visiting lands outside of her imperial circle and court. Laurella is very humble and still feels awkward when people bow to her or call her by anything but her first name, but she returns their cordial gestures. When peeved, she can become snappy and sassy and can bring out a sarcastic side of her, but only when the offending party deserves it.

She seems very straight-laced and somewhat bland to others. However, she is not entirely 'innocent', as she possesses a sense of humor and can have fun and can break the rules at times. Laurella never truly wanted to be Empress, for deep down she is not exactly leader material. She was forced to become one, due to her birth and sudden, unfortunate circumstances. She relies on a backing of those close to her cheering her onward, because by herself she can clam up due to her introverted nature. She has learned to muster courage and at least pretend to be as imperial as she could. She would very much rather be painting pictures and participating in royal runway than being Empress. Laurella is extremely aloof and standoffish from people in general. Some go so far to say she is a misanthrope, but she is just more to herself. In a way, she is secretive and mysterious to outsiders.

SEXUALITY: Has the potential to love and be slightly romantic with all genders and gender identities, but is not sexually interested in them. She is also terribly dense when it comes to someone making advances towards her.

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Married to Gnomio, King of the Domino Kingdom. It is rumored that Laurella only married Gnomio for political gain and easy accessible foreign resources, though Laurella truly is in love for him and cares for him dearly. Those who know them most know that they are happily married. Sometimes her high counsel still shames her for not marrying an Apollosolarian king. Apollosolaria warmed up to the Domino King when he single-handedly defeated a great evil from swallowing their empire.

RELIGION: Her empire's official religion is Maevanglicity, a Angelical Magi religion that follows the strictest of virtue and moral codes, goodwill and grace. It is a religion where one is in a constant state of fasting, devotion and chanting and prayer to the Angelic gods of grace. Laurella follows said religion, but is not exactly a devout follower as she could be. The priests of the church blame her lack of devotion to the reason why her spells and powers wane at time. Religion has always been a big part of the empire, but Laurella feels that religion should never be a controlling tool or a defining concept of a country.

NATIONALITY: Apollosolarian

PIERCINGS: Two ears pierced. She got her nose pierced once as a child when rebelling against her advisor, but it has since closed up.

SCARS/MARKS: Has a little strait scar on her neck from where she was almost decapitated by assassins as a baby in her crib, though she doesn't remember it. She hides this scar with necklaces and ribbons, preferably a choker.

STYLE OF CLOTHING: Overwhelming influence from Angelic-Medieval/Elizabethan and with a bit of French and Victorian flair. Most garments are bold in color and she rarely wears just all white as many of her imperial cohorts do.

FREQUENTLY WORN ACCESSORIES: Her yellow rose pin/brooch. It's an enchanted rose with eternal life and glowing dewdrops always on it. Her parents gave it to her before they disappeared during her 1,000th birthday party.

SPEECH TONE: Is quiet like a crystal bell, but can become loud like a banging cathedral bell if need be. Though it is high and soft, it is never, ever shrill.

SPEECH PITCH: Sing-songy soprano normally and while shouting can get two octaves lower.

SPEECH TYPE: Extremely proper and is the speech used within her inner circle of the royal family and the court.


DIALECT/ACCENT: Laurella's native manner of speaking has a French, British and Elizabethan medieval sound and sentence structure. From other Apolloson observers, the tongue also sounds akin to Nigerian and Japanese. She speaks 'The Imperial's Apolloson, which is exclusive within the court. She has picked up on the language of 'the common people' and speaks slang and sometimes slacks on her proper language in favor of being understood.

WALK PATTERN: Walks as light as a bubble with short steps as her bell skirt bounces slightly. She walks with her hands folded down and lightly clasped in front of her. Her high heels are forever clacking and echoing wherever she goes. The scuttling of Duke behind her is almost guaranteed.

COMMON GESTURES: Tends to put her left hand on her cheek with the pinkie out a lot.

FAVORITE COLOR: Red and gold

FAVORITE FOOD: Mushroom, potato and celery chowder (Vegetarian)


FAVORITE MUSIC: Though she is very fond of her homeland's native music, she is actually a big fan of the newest hits on the modern human radio, much to her advisor's chagrin. She loves dubstep, pop and jazz of all the modern music. She wears fancy golden headsets to block out boring news.

HOBBIES: Painting, singing, learning new languages, knitting and sewing and chemistry.

OCCUPATION: Empress of Apollosolaria. She owns an imperial art gallery inside of an older residence, Solianite Castle.

ABILITIES: Can fly, chant to cast spells in battle, can summon the spirits of her long-gone ancestors whom have gone to another far-realm of being.

WEAPONS: Chained weapons and blades/sickles. Though she is usually loaded with secret chain weapons, her prized weapon is a 50 foot long, heavy chain whip with a large golden, diamond-tipped sickled on its end. Laurella wears this across her shoulder in combat, though she can conjure it at anytime. The chain link can get smaller or larger depending on the size of her opponent.

FIGHTING STYLE: Though she is extremely light on her feet and gentle in her actions, even while fighting, her main aim is tearing into and literally ripping her enemies into a bloody mess. When in hand to hand combat, she aims for the internal organs of her oponents. It looks like she is not doing much work, but there is usually a lot of blood involved. This is why she is not fond of fighting in white. She is also very apologetic and courteous before, during and after fights, still keeping her good manners and respecting her enemy's corpse.Her culture is beautiful, but her culture has developed a brutal fighting style to preserve their beauty from invading planets and rouge demonics.

SIGNATURE MOVE: Getting golden mini-chains with razor clamps to come from five angles, clamping into her enemies' head and limbs. Once the chains tug, her enemies are torn five ways. Another more used move is thrashing her sickle through the torso of her enemy and tearing it back out, snapping their spine inward and into two.
She seems to fight in a prissy-sissy, way, especially slapping, but her prissy slaps can send full grown orcs and demons through stone walls.

SKILLS: She is extremely skilled in handling her chain weapons, and normally doesn't go wrong when using them. She also has a good enough memory bank for spells, though she can forget.

STRENGTHS: Laurella is extremely strong willed and never gives up, even when everything has been killed and or taken from her. She is not easy to brainwash or convince if she knows deep down it is wrong. She also has very high endurance.

WEAKNESSES: She is tough as solid metal, but her true form is glass and if she turns to crystal glass unexpectedly, she can be shattered into a billion pieces. The pieces take all day to reform. If these pieces are burned, she might never return again. She is also quite venerable to freezing powers. Because she is wearing multiple chains, the enemy can sometimes hear where she is coming and going. Laurella tends to fight with her emotions and her heart, rather than with sense and logic sometimes, which some more aware enemies can recognize and use against her. Laurella's head is in the clouds most of the time and her trust of people is sometimes far too great.
Laurella also tends to hold lifetime grudges against some people, though she is only reminded when they come around her. Though she finds it almost impossible to forgive, when she does, she still remembers and never forgets due to her vivid memory.

TALENTS: Painting and designing. She also plays the harp beautifully and is a great cook.

GOALS: To find her parents. In the meantime, her devotion is her people and country.