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Favorite Red vs Blue episodes:
Season 3 - episode 39 starting at 4 minutes 20 seconds. Love the battle.
Season 8 - episode 10. Love the whole thing. So majorly epic!
Season 9 - episodes 10, 15 and 17. So...much...ACTION!

I love to RP (Prefer a post length of one, two or three paragraphs. I don't like to keep people waiting by typing novels and one liners are a definite no no. Literacy? Yes, please. Perfection? I don't expect it. Pictures? Anime only. If I wanted real life then I would be out in it instead of sitting here at the computer) and I don't mind random chats. Most of the time I'm just clicking around the site while being bored. smilies/icon_xp.gif

Anything else you want to know? Send a PM.

I accept random PM's but I don't accept random friend requests from out of nowhere that have no reason attached to them. If you want to be friends at least send a PM with the request stating so. Otherwise I'll assume that the "add to friends" option was accidentally pressed and will decline the offer.


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zerielle Report | 11/28/2013 10:42 pm
I mishoooo
The Legendary Guest Report | 09/27/2013 10:44 pm
The Legendary Guest
If I ever find the time for that type of thing I'll have to give it a look.
It seems to be, the GAL told my atty. she said she wants to live with me, and he considers her articulate enough to express that to the judge if necessary.
I feel good about it just impatient. I can't help but worry what they're telling her because the stuff she says they're putting her through is totally in character for them and all I can tell her is to hang on a little longer. )=

Yes Lana takes Rx meds but she's been coughing the last week and it just cleared up recently. I try to keep her indoors, because she's not exposed to pollens as often but it makes her antsy. Her mom has less patience with that then I do, so she takes her outside to wind down more often than I do.
Urgh, are you taking anything? I feel like I am getting off very lucky here but I seldom leave the house during the day.
The Legendary Guest Report | 09/26/2013 10:29 pm
The Legendary Guest
Are you talking about a web series? LOL I've made comments on the wrong profile too already, it's ok.
I'm waiting for resolution on my court case, which is still moving onward but very slowly.
My granddaughter's allergies are terrible right now. I am lucky with them, but I don't have cats now either and the birds don't trigger my allergies.
The Legendary Guest Report | 09/13/2013 6:51 pm
The Legendary Guest
Miss-Pandemica Report | 08/10/2013 11:06 am
The Legendary Guest Report | 06/27/2013 10:24 pm
The Legendary Guest
Yes the fluff event, sorry your day sucked. Text me if you get a chance!
The Legendary Guest Report | 06/27/2013 7:05 pm
The Legendary Guest
Are you hanging out for the event?
Miss-Pandemica Report | 06/19/2013 10:30 am
loving your new avi look Heliko heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
Daffodil the Destroyer Report | 06/02/2013 1:17 pm
Daffodil the Destroyer
If I didn't know it was a bacterium, I might have guessed a corn dog coughing up spaghetti noodles. xd
Daffodil the Destroyer Report | 06/02/2013 12:27 pm
Daffodil the Destroyer
Nice! I thought it sounded familiar~ whee

I always thought H. pylori sounded really cool, though it took a while to remember not to type Helicopter. xd

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