Hi, My name is Emily. I'm 17 years young and blow the candles out on July 11th.
I reside in Florida and have been here all my life. To sum it up, the weather is bipolar.
I'm pretty shy when you first meet me and very socially awkward, but I can keep a conversation going. Although i'm a sweetheart, I can be very bitchy and rude. Takes an a*****e to be an a*****e.
I love playing instruments. I play Violin, Guitar, Viola, Bass, and Cello. Mostly Violin. It's something that calms me down and makes me happy.
My musical taste depends on my mood, really. But I mostly listen to "Post-Hardcore". Such as Issues, Beartooth, Northlane, CTE, etc.
I'm an Atheist. All about science and facts. I can write a 5 page essay on why I don't have a Deity.
I stand at 5'7, i'm a ginger, blue/green eyes and way too many freckles.
I love meeting new people, so feel free to comment, PM, or add me~.
I'm hilarious, find out for yourself. (;

Merry ******** christmas, b***h.

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