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hi i'm hillary

i'm 24
i'm a mama
i'm married so stop with the thirsty-a** PM's
i do pixel art
i do other art
i read a lot and i like writing so hit me up if you are interested in an RP
i play D3, WoW, ESO and DCU.


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ChipLizard Report | 07/14/2014 3:34 pm
Thanks for the buy! heart
greedingruler Report | 06/23/2014 10:15 am
Thanks for buying!
Kitty Krieg Report | 06/21/2014 7:27 pm
Your avatar is so cute! heart
merry clefairy Report | 06/20/2014 9:12 pm
thank you for the thingy! :>
PORT4L Report | 06/20/2014 9:08 pm
You're a sweetheart! Thank you! heart
Shortstuck Report | 06/12/2014 5:29 pm
Youre very welcome!
Gunslinger 0f Gilead Report | 06/11/2014 9:45 pm
sorry i didn't reply to your comment in the thread, i got distracted. didn't wanna bring up the dead thread. lol xD
i ******** looked away for a econd and she was on top of her toy box i about had a heart attack. lol
if i put her up on the couch with me she'll try to climb over it gonk
she's been doing that since she could walk though

she's a smart little butt, too. she'll push her toys up to s**t and use it as leverage

bed ladin hahahah i died
NatsuNoYuki Report | 06/10/2014 11:26 am
Thank you for the caches. o u o
TheJackOLantern Report | 06/07/2014 6:26 am
I just die my hair red them use food coloring.
I think I will try it. My hairs white so I'm going to skip the bleach part lol.
TheJackOLantern Report | 06/07/2014 5:25 am
eek What do you use to make your hair so bright!? eek
B r i t a l i a n a