This is me.

I'm 23 years old.
I'm a Navy Veteran.
I was medically discharged due to depression.
Having lived my life thinking I was the normal one,
I'm finding it difficult to deal with this depression right now.

I'm Atheist.
Don't worry.
I don't push my beliefs on others.
In fact, if you wanna talk about your religion to me,
I'm all ears.
I'm not a b***h about it.

I dropped out of college to enlist.
After I was sent home,
I figured it best to return to school.
I graduated on June 13.
I now have an Associates Degree of Applied Science in Web Development.
I'm the first and probably only of my mothers four kids that will be able to say I graduated.

I'm from a small family.
We don't associate with the extended family much.
Keep close contact with uncles, aunts, cousins.

I'm a hard person to read.
I've got demons from my past even I don't know about.
I'm uncovering more each day.
Sometimes, I get down.
It happens.

Depression is not a choice.
I don't want this label.
I don't want to spend days wondering if life is really worth it.
Don't take me as emo.
I've got so much to live for,
Even if I have my bad days.

I'm not a bad person.
Don't judge me because of my issues.
All I need right now are friends.
I need that support.

My fight with depression has gotten easier.
I've developed one hell of a support system.
I've met some pretty fantastic people
Who have a precious place in my heart.
Though I don't get to see them often anymore,
We still keep in contact and that helps keep the demons at bay.

This is my baby sister and I.
KK is my best friend and I don't think I could live without her.
She ended up dropping out of college to find a different path for her life.
She's so amazing and supportive!

This is my best friend.
She's more of a sister to me, though!
We've been best friends for 13 years.
She goes to college 8 hours away,
So we rarely get to see each other.
Here on Gaia, she's known as Serika the Vampire.

This is my amazing girlfriend, Bria.
We celebrated our second anniversary in December.
We met through a mutual friend,
Became really great friend and decided to room together.
After a drunken night with my roommates,
We decided to give dating a try.
I'm so happy she's in my life.

These people, and many more,
Have helped make my depression easier to deal with.
My depression is far from gone.
I know I'll fight with it the rest of my life.
But if I have a support system like this,
I know I'll never be alone.
These people are my everything.
I'm getting stronger every day because of these people.
They're my family. They're all I'll ever need.


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Serika the Vampire

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Serika the Vampire

It's homemade with homegorwn turkeys
Serika the Vampire

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Serika the Vampire

Want some left over turkey stew?
Serika the Vampire

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I burped
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Serika the Vampire

Serika the Vampire

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oh s**t...what if he tastes bad
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Serika the Vampire

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Serika the Vampire

very, almost died
Serika the Vampire

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Serika the Vampire

not me ;ast time I had the shits something bad
Serika the Vampire

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Serika the Vampire

not me, bro is here
Serika the Vampire

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Serika the Vampire

it was xD sam even liked it


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