I'm Divia
.. watevernicknameyouprefer

Although Duchess is my new alias. Ha~

I guess I'm a cool dork. Nothing much to say. Just talk to me.
Nothing more, nothing less.

19. YEE.

IM DAT KIND OF AFK PERSON. YEH. speciallyyyyy in toooooowns 2

I am pretty blunt (*giggle giggle snort* I know), and/or very opinionated. Also a hint of having a sharp-tongue.
(that's just me being me.. pls no h8 )

I am turning to a health nut. Yes. And I sure do enjoy working out and whatnot.
I believe the body is a beautiful thing to sculpture and give shape.

Oh, I am a girl. Pls.
But I could care less what gender you want to associate with me.

I like arguments. I join no sides. Just the fun.

I am becoming jojo trash. Pls halp.

XNTJ (idk if extroverted or introverted..lolololol)

Forms of Communication

Duchess Tumblr Linky~

Skype: divia.nya (i rarely do calls. just sayin')

3DS FC: 0232-9067-8176 (pls, again.. pm/comment/ warn me who you are so I can add you back)


By: Calen Arkadys (The lewdness is AMAZING IN THIS ONE. TY!)

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By: Saffrons_Curse (Thankies~!!)

By: Kaijin-sama ( Awesome!)

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