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becky • 20 • she/her

i love fashion, horror, The Sims series and collectible vinyl figurines.
i am a cancer (07/02) and an ESFJ.

i love random comments/pms! feel free to drop me a line.

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SuccuViv Report | 10/12/2015 7:55 pm
OHHH then I did get it xd hahahaha
Nanzzy-chan Report | 10/12/2015 6:43 pm
There seems to be a sort of hivemind going on lmao, with the majority of entries sticking to one very specific aspect of the theme, which generally end up getting the most votes too xD Like the colour blobs for the colour themes and the Antipathy avatars for Monster Mash dramallama
It's why I'm not bothering with the cash entry one anymore though, it's so hard to predict what will do well and I don't got the cash to waste on that @v@

Thank you! whee heart
SuccuViv Report | 10/12/2015 6:41 pm
I obviously love them too <3 and I wish they would include it in more sets for sure uo u but it's nice enough when they do~
you are too kind haha, I've always been curious about your username XD is it a language joke? I don't get it u_u
Nanzzy-chan Report | 10/12/2015 6:19 pm
Awww, thank you so much! whee
I hope it does good in tomorrow's Runway theme, though the competition will probably be steep like today's >3<
SuccuViv Report | 10/12/2015 6:06 pm
; o; oh my gosh you are too kind~
I always think I'm the only one to like them so thank you lol

you are looking really cool btw * O*
PuddiKun Report | 09/29/2015 5:27 pm
^^ thankies very much for buying.
Have a wonderful week!!
Lyndes Report | 09/27/2015 9:19 pm
Thanks! I like your casual style too. I like doing these kinda looks.
l l Pug l l Report | 09/12/2015 4:31 pm
User Image User Image
Random comment~! ;o
I like your avi.

Luna Proudfoot Report | 09/10/2015 10:59 pm
aww, cheers! I've kept this nose & these lips equipped ever since i put them together emotion_c8 heart elegant, i'll remember that~
Nanzzy-chan Report | 09/07/2015 3:36 am
Awww, thank you! whee heart
Getting into the spirit of Halloween early, huehue~ >u>