This is a story of a girl~

Yo! I see you have become a creeper and wanted to know who was behind these pixels (◕‿◕✿)
Well you can call me Hazy, I will only tell you my real name if we get really close >o> But other than that I am Hazy to you!
Anyways I'm TAKEN by the best (◡‿◡✿) and I love him with all my might! I am also a weirdo, pervert, awesome, and random person. So if you get offended by such things then don't talk to me D:< Or you will get creeped out by whatever flows out from the cave I call a mouth! I'm a Texan girl, part of the city (No I don't have an accent, only a little buuut other than that I talk proper when I want to). I don't own a farm or whatever you may think when you hear Texas.
I'm pretty chill and if you show me respect I will respect you. I am also a Christian, but none of those bible bumpers who get butthurt over every single thing. I'm a pretty normal person when it comes to that. I also respect anyone else's religion so respect mine please.

❥ Alternative Music
❥ Roleplaying
❥ Drawing
❥ Sleeping With Sirens
❥ Ghost Town
❥ Reading
❥ Music
❥ Root Beer
❥ Writing

☠ Darkness
☠ Thunderstorms
☠ People who have no logic whatsoever
☠ Waterbugs (Really BIG cockroaches)
☠ Closed Spaces
☠ Judgement
☠ People who don't respect my opinions
☠ The younger generation

Anywho, this a little about me, soo if you want you can either PM me to get to know this nutcase, or Comment whatever tickles your pickle.
I hope you find this amusing. Now I must go, my people need me.



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