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Guardian Angel

I am a guardian angel and being a guardian angel
means protecting the ones you love and not just because
its your job but because you want to NO WINGS NECESSARY


With wings of gold i fly into your room at night As you sleep,
I bless your soul, and touch your heart Once I lived near you
and now my home is in heaven I come to you to tell you, that
everything is going to be okay, and that it is okay to live on as
if I were still there So for me do this deed live life to the fullest
and do your best to succeed, Never give up when the going
gets tough, and let it be known that it is okay to shed a tear for
me now and forever. Even if it hurts for you to see others move
do not get mad for they will remember you in there heart and
never forget and I am happy they move on. Be happy and never
forget for I will always be your gaurdian angel. Then one day
we shall meet again and fly together with our Wings of Gold!

I am your guardian angel
Sent from up above
I'm here to watch over you
i will give you all my love

My job is to keep you safe
As you sleep through the night
I'll stay right here above you
morning and night

When morning light comes
I will come and stay
But when the night returns
I'll watch ur dreams till
morning light returns

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I am the guardian angel of a demon a creature
of the night i hold him close to my heart
he may be an unholy creature but i don't
care what people say i will protect him
with all my power and strength i will be
here my demon forever and always