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Last Login: 04/15/2014 4:21 pm

Registered: 05/25/2006

Gender: Female

Location: The Hidden Village of the Elemental Dragons


Hi, everybody! ^-^

My name is Dani. And I like Anime and Harry Potter, writing stories and to talk with friends. My hobbies are writing, reading and doodling....mostly reading and writing. I listen to all types of music now, thanks to my best friend. smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

My best friend is Amy K <3. smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

There isn't much more that I need to say about myself. xD


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sasunaru fangirl 101 Report | 10/20/2009 5:15 pm
its ok....but i need for you to update ur story...... sad HS is good! xd
sasunaru fangirl 101 Report | 08/22/2009 11:19 am
ive been good...^^ gonna start high school in 2 days.....VERY EXCITED! *dances* hehe...i JUST sent you and email asking is you got me email to send me the paragraghs...... xd
sasunaru fangirl 101 Report | 07/29/2009 8:59 pm
hey hey! i sent you an e-mail! You need to read it!!! heart I havent heard back from you! sad
x i n t o x i i c a t e d Report | 07/29/2009 8:35 am
Thank you. (: I love yours. Summery look. (:
x i n t o x i i c a t e d Report | 06/25/2009 10:30 am
Happy Birthday and yay, Summre. <3 I looove summer. (:
x i n t o x i i c a t e d Report | 03/17/2009 10:11 pm
Thanks. ;DD ANd of course!! *Hugs* Always love To support a Friend. (: haha.
x i n t o x i i c a t e d Report | 03/15/2009 7:21 am
The colour? I'm doing It Copper Brown. (: YAY~
Anyways, No problem. (: I wanna support You all the WAY!!
x i n t o x i i c a t e d Report | 03/13/2009 5:29 pm
Awee That sucks. ): Hope Yuu do well in school then. ;DDD I'll be Rooting for youuuu.
My Day, It was Good. So happy I have March break. Don't have any hw but a project and it's a fun one .. haha. But yeah, It's pretty good. Not really anything new.
I'm getting My hair dyed and cut so when I go back, I'll look totally different which is cool. That's it though, LOL.
x i n t o x i i c a t e d Report | 03/10/2009 7:42 pm
LOL, Yeah ..really? awee, that's Cool but It sucks she has to part with yuu now Though. ): *hugs* <3 yay~
x i n t o x i i c a t e d Report | 03/09/2009 12:46 pm
Oh,l i see. Not really anything new. Just High school.

A bunch Of high school drama as usual, That's what's going on right now .. LOL. Typical High school Day.

Anyways, hope yuu do well. (: Missed You, ahaha.


~Elemental Dragons~



Happy Halloween!