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I am

a writer ♥ an intersectional feminist ♥ a supporter of social justice ♥ an atheist ♥ a photographer of the amateur sort ♥ a biromantic ace ♥ an INFP ♥ a procrastinator ♥ a sufferer of migraines ♥ a wannabe poet ♥ looking for faith ♥ in love with astronomy ♥ overwhelmed ♥ trying to be a better person

I want

to travel the world ♥ to visit Romania ♥ to finish reading all the books I own ♥ my migraines to go away ♥ to have lucid dreams more often ♥ a chance to be remembered ♥ to be published ♥ the world to be a better place ♥ to be understood

I have

too many ideas ♥ overflowing shelves of books ♥ too many feelings ♥ social anxiety ♥ a pretty good poker face ♥ gigantic amounts of rage ♥ optimism ♥ a weird desire to read terrible books ♥ a fear of dying


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crystalpraise Report | 01/21/2015 8:13 pm
I asked the question about the apple because i was addressing your previous statement about God and freewill and though you did not answer the question , my point is that we cannot control other peoples actions which cause pain in the world 3nodding people are starving and stuff because of bad leadership in countries im sure u know more about that stuff since u seem to be quite humane heart i dont know your age but im sure that you are under 50 blaugh Sexual immorality causes lots of pain to people and even though all sin is equal in gods eyes all natural consequences are not the same...
crystalpraise Report | 01/21/2015 7:26 pm
oh yeah and if you were with a woman in the way you described well that just sounds like a friendship 3nodding minus the romance
crystalpraise Report | 01/21/2015 7:19 pm
yes a christian can sin and still be saved i dont know what types of Christians you were raised around but they seemed to have messed up your views about a lot of things, and you seem to be missing an emotional and spiritual side to your arguments then again you are an Atheist 4laugh in your article you stated that the man did not love Inara because he didnt respect her choices i also believe that the man did not love her but because of other obvious reasons he liked her but he did not love her but the definition of love differs therefore making the story irrelevant , A person like yourself who is not spiritaly concious about many things can only rationalize things...Christians are people just like you and i am you cannot let bad experiences with people turn your heart from God at such a young age crying
and also (if i threw an apple at your face and it gave you a black eye whose fault is it?)
crystalpraise Report | 01/21/2015 5:31 pm
Hello Ms.Heaven razz your article was beautifully written and you made some good points but i think that you dont understand what God based love is supposed to be in the book of Genisis God told Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit off of the tree because it would cause death in their lives but he gave them an option because a part of loving a person is giving them the freedom to choose and even after they choose death god still showed love to them by clothing them and eventually giving his only son (Jesus) to die and cover all of our sins thats why We ask Jesus into our hcearts to save us from the sin that no amount of good deeds can cover we live in a fallen world ...people are misused, abused, confused and constantly in pain but the reason god does not just stop all of the confusion is because then he would have to go against our ability to make choices! When a person gets saved (ask Jesus to forgive them of there sins and to come into their hearts) he covers them and they are eternally saved and they can enter heaven whee Once you are saved nothing can separate you from God so if you died you would go to heaven. Do you have siblings or children if they do something you dont agree with such as eating too many sweets or stealing out of the store you correct them because you love them God is perfect so his criteria for sin is very strict thinking a bad thought is Damnable God wrote the Ten commandments to show the people of Israel how sinful they where and how much they needed him but foolishley they thought that they could fulfill the law...Read Roman Ch.4 19-26
As for you being asexual are you an adult i have never really heard of a person being asexual sweatdrop but dont worry God is not mad at you he loves u heart 4laugh heart
crystalpraise Report | 01/21/2015 3:39 pm
as for your question yes it is a sin to desire someone of the same sex heart im not crazy i wont stop a gay person from being able to marry someone of the same sex thats their decision but i will tell them that its wrong if they dont know that it is...as for gay christians most of them know that they are leading a sinful lifestyle but they choose to continue to do so because thats what their flesh desires, i would also like to see the article you wrote about loving the sinner 4laugh
crystalpraise Report | 01/21/2015 8:19 am
Sir is a respectful term used when addressing a male...I'm from the South so that's why I said "sir" I assumed you were a man if that offended you I apologize I will say Ma'am instead smile
concerning the whole loving a murder only God knows what went down between my cousin and the guy he shot in the head "allegedly" but i believe that true love cares at the deepest levels I know Christian people who don't care much about people who lead sinful lifestyles but then again you have those whom are truly concerned about others salvation if I did not care about people who might be eternally lost because they have not accepted Jesus into there hearts (which matters the most at the end of the day btw) I wouldn't even think about them but according to what I believe that would be selfish. You said that you live a very conservative lifestyle which is a very beautiful and praiseworthy thing but that is not the main issue always know that not leading a sinful lifestyle benefits the person that's why God does not want us to sin because sin hurts us . 3nodding
crystalpraise Report | 01/20/2015 3:02 pm
What is your definition of love sir because it is very possible to love a murderer...and why do you dislike the saying hate the sin love the sinner... Does being called a sinner make you uncomfortable being called a sinner?
crystalpraise Report | 01/20/2015 12:52 pm
heart Hello Mr.Heaven how are you doing 2day! heart
What makes you say I don't love people neutral Do I have to agree with a person's lifestyle to love them ...I have a close cousin who is on trial today for "Murdering" someone and I love him endlessly... I mean if I could go back in time I would have tried harder to connect with him and help him but it's a little too late now...but I do love him isn't loving someone basically caring for them! Just because I don't agree doesn't mean I withhold my love, I believe that stealing, fornication,adultery, etc are all horrible sins that I don't agree with but I don't know any perfect people if I based who I loved off of whether they sin or not I wouldn't even love myself darling...
crystalpraise Report | 01/19/2015 8:53 pm
no I do not support gay marriage and abortion it is wrong...you say that the bible does not address abortion...yes it does "though shalt not murder" does the bible say do not shoot a person in the head , nope but it's all under murder, and did you know that abortions double the chance of you getting breast cancer! They don't talk about that much do they...
Gay marriage is an illusion the definition of a sacred marriage is between a man and a woman... They can do whatever they want but it's blasphemous for a Gay couple to marry in a Church! That's disrespectful to God himself...because he doesn't consider them to be truly Married...
crystalpraise Report | 01/19/2015 7:46 pm
Sir I can sense that you probably really care about humanity in general but I will warn you that everything in life is not as it seems... I am a person of Faith I don't expect a person like you (not that I know u)to understand some of my views. I love people I have family, friends , and neighbors that do things that harm themselves all for an illusion of "happiness" I believe that when you love someone you give them the freedom to make their own decisions and life is more than proving your point...just be careful not to harden your heart to the truth. 3nodding


"A riot is the language of the unheard."
-Martin Luther King-

#BlackLivesMatter // OperationHelporHush


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