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hallo, hallo harry potter erotica here, I was previously known as l Cyanide Valentine l, ashlee the hoar, x X A s h l e e B o m b X x and something else. For now, you can call me Ero, HPE, or Potter or any previous names you knew me by.

wondering where the hell I got this fantastic username? Cards Against Humanity. I love that game, it's hilarious but may get old if you're not funny. Cyanide, HPE, Ero, or Potter is just a closet, or not so closet nerd who likes a bunch of stuff. A kindred soul with a little zest and has a knack for the dark side despite the ultra pastel, bright crap that clutters my profile for now.

Aside from HP, I like games that buy up my time, computer games, platform, portable games, mmo's, mmoprpgs, rpgs and jrpgs. Specific games I love are Nintendo, Shin Megami Tensei, FE, and Zero Escape. I used to be really good in zomg but I haven't been on in awhile. I think I should go back on and get acclimated with it again just for the hell of it. So hit me up!

I listen to kpop and trap music for motivation

I like tragedies in whatever. especially tragic characters. Tragic endings are good in games/anime/shows/movies, not life though, that's just ******** up and depressing.

Tokyo Ghoul is my show, but AoT is my shiiiiiittttt.

I actually roleplay and not in anyones at the moment because of how rude people are, their not even the good rude, their like the stupid rude. So what if I pick androgynous characters to roleplay as?

Anyways, that's me, I'm bored and up for chatting, unless you're rude. then don't speak to me.

--items that I'm questing bc why not?--
- Adelpha's Resolve
- Alleycat's Allure
- Ashen Marionette
- Haagenti's Wings
- White and Black Long Horns
- White and Black Devil Tail

☠ %#^$&*@&#*@(* music

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