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Leaving one by one,
The petals are falling
Even now
I cannot tell you how your love has lit a fire in my soul.
Each moment spent with you keeps my world from the pouring rain.
If someday we part,
Torn like leaves even then I still know I'd find you again.


"I want to be a hero~"

Name: はるか, Haruka 'Carbine Harmony'

Nickname: Haruka, Harmony

Species: Reploid

Marital Status: Single

Personality: Cheerful and outgoing, but will get serious and broody at times. Also known to be a bit of a tsundere around 'certain' people.

Build type: Slightly weaponized Civillian build
- Optic colour: Blue
- Synthetic hair colour: Red
- Hair length: Short-Medium
-Height: 5'3

Under armour build type: Humanoid

Weapon: Sonic cannon built into her right arm, it can fire off pure sound to knock her opponents and/or temporarily stun them.
Arms can form into a pair of sightly over-sized armoured arms ending in large fists.

Fighting style: Brawler/Berserker with bits and pieces of various martial arts she picked up along the way.

Creator: Yuuto Takahashi, presumed deceased.

Perks: Has a thing for glasses and scarves, almost always seen with said items. Is a lover of music, thus her name. Also prefers human clothing to armour, but will don armour when the option is given and is a necessity. Will randomly spout off in Japanese, normally when angry or surprised, but has been known to do it mid-sentence. Speaks with a Kansai/Osakan accent.

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