Worthless Elegance on 11/28/2014

Hello and welcome!

First and foremost, I'm Hard Lvck and thanks for checking out my page.

I used to frequent this site a lot around the CB, Exchange, and mainly the vend.

Sad to say but i've grown apart from this site due to how it's now being run.

Back in '06 when I originally joined and the couple years after that were the wonder years and I'm stuck in the past.

Now I just lurk in the shadows from time to time..

Lately, I've had the bug to learn how to design web pages so I have a new found interest in this site again to help practice that.

Feel free to stay tuned and to hit me up if you've stumbled across this page and remember me or want to just say hello.



I'm a huge sign collector! With that said, I'd love to add another to my collection. (females only please)