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Hey I am Tori.
I am ** years old.
Been dating the darling Its Infected for a whopping 4 years - though it feels like so much longer!
I live SOMEWHERE in the United States, though I got family in England.
I am also moving in a couple months!!
I am a Female.
I also prefer ladies to men.

Let's see if I can get a little more detailed here.
Things I'm currently enthralled with:
*My Oc's

Things that are currently bugging me:
*My Family
*Literal Bugs

Might add more later.


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Its Infected Report | 08/30/2015 6:52 pm
Muahs you all over heart heart heart
Sifen Yamishi Report | 07/03/2015 8:46 pm
Then we got a great concept then.

I'll wear the black wig with my yellow coat for the character, then with the red wig, go very stereotypical Steampunky.

Sifen Yamishi Report | 07/03/2015 8:42 pm
How about red hair with grey/tan/black/white? I'm trying to get some conceptual ideas for designs for my original Steampunk character.
Sifen Yamishi Report | 07/03/2015 8:21 pm
Thanks for the tip. What type of outfit is best for him to have red hair?
Its Infected Report | 06/28/2015 7:56 pm
y sword???
Twilight Cat 137 Report | 06/07/2015 5:36 pm
whats up?
Twilight Cat 137 Report | 06/04/2015 9:13 pm
Sifen Yamishi Report | 05/13/2015 8:19 pm
I'm better from illness. : D And I get to see if I start hormones next week!
Sifen Yamishi Report | 05/12/2015 8:45 pm
Happy birthday!
Praxic Report | 03/10/2015 9:56 am
Thank you so much~
Yours is pretty spiff surprised

Its Infected