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Hi, I'm Noël.
I'm currently an FIU student living in Miami. I'm Cuban, 18, and just trying to find my way in a world full of ups and downs.
I'm a bit of a "jack of all trades, master of none". I'm looking for a way I can be a positive influence on the world. It might be through activism, fitness, cooking or even storytelling, which are some of my favorite things.
I'm a bit lost. Please excuse me if I'm hard to get a hold of. I need a lot of "me time."
Personality-wise, I'm very calm and happy-go-lucky most of the time.I'm also an INFP, one of those intuitive, shy, disorganized folks who you probably don't see much at parties. Altruism and empathy are very admirable qualities and what I like most in a person and strive to have in myself.
I'm receptive and love discussion, so anything that I might've left out is open for anyone to know if they ask. I hope we can become friends, and now that you know a bit about me I hope I can hear about you! emotion_smilies/icon_hug.png
"The ocean's tide always changes and fluctuates,
but in the end those waves circulate the same water
teeming with life and secrets"
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