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My name is Haon.Read it backwards, you might find something cool. smilies/icon_razz.gif

I'm an OLD Gaian. I was there back when Gaia still had this system where you can label your friends as punk, skater, preppy, so on so forth. I started here early 2008 but since then, I've been banned on 5 other accounts, losing 5 million gold on each. I've also spent over $1000 on this site, just so I can sell EIs for gold. I went through Promageddon, the smokers protest and Sin vs Boo war.

The games I'm caught playing are World of Warcraft, Bravely Default, Pokemon X, Fire Emblem Awakening,, Team Fortress 2, Counterstrike, Left 4 Dead, Sims 3, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Skyrim and sometimes League of Legends. I also love playing Super Smash Bros, Melee, Brawl, Project M and 4.

I'm a sophmore/junior in college.

I'm straight.

Born in the 1990s.

My family owned a boba shop for a good 8 years until the economy hit it's recession. I know my boba, asian tea and smoothies. If your boba taste like nothing and isn't chewy, you're doing wrong and you should feel bad.

I love to RP. Although I mainly do master x slave with mature content, I'm up for something romantic. I also love semi-lit people >.>

I love anime, video games, blah blah basic guy stuff. I have a 3DS, buy steam games and striving to get a Wii U and PS4. If only WoW would still trying to pull me in.

I volunteer for conventions, particularly Anime as I know that the best. I have staffed for a Doctor Who just to see what it was like.

Best friends that don't seem to get on as much because of college. >.>