My name is Haon. Read it backwards, you might find something cool. razz

Here, I just only come on to see what's up, RP and collect things. Somewhere I also post memes and on Facebook, I post way more than any human should.

I'm in college and I'm in my early 20s. I'm also a Capricorn.

The games I'm caught playing are RPGs, Dating Sim, Life Sim, FPS, Fighting, Puzzle and RTS.

I love to RP. Although I mainly do master x slave with mature content. Masters *Since the guild I used to be active in isn't really there, I'm slowly finding less reasons to be on now because my passion for roleplaying a specific kind of RP, is hard to find now. Man lol. I only have one master character surviving that I cared to bring back.

I love anime, video games, blah blah basic guy stuff. I have a 3DS and buy video games on steam.

I volunteer for conventions, particularly Anime as I know that the best. I have staffed for a Doctor Who and Touhou just to see what it was like.